Faculty and Staff

Faculty members on the move

During 2010-2011, we were thrilled to welcome several accomplished men and women to the faculty of our school:

Dr. Cheryl McWatters

Dr. Cheryl McWatters, full professor, became the inaugural holder of the Father Edgar Thivierge Chair in Business History. She will use this distinctive position to design and deliver a curriculum through which students can gain a clear understanding and appreciation of the growth of modern business. Appropriately enough, she will also continue her pioneering research on the business practices of eighteenth-century merchants.

Alan Forster

Alan Forster joins the Telfer School as an Executive in Residence affiliated with the IBM Centre for Business Analytics and Performance. As associate professor of medicine at the University of Ottawa and co-director of the Ottawa Hospital Centre for Patient Safety he is supervising development of a hospital data warehouse. When completed, this comprehensive, flexible information repository will serve as supporting infrastructure for research programs that will enable Dr. Forster and his colleagues to build on his groundbreaking work to increase patient safety and improve quality of care.

Dr. Jacomo Corbo, Dr. Magda Donia and Dr. Tiemei Li were appointed assistant professors. Dr. Corbo was also awarded a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair. This prestigious five-year post, which includes $100,000 annually, recognizes him as an exceptional emerging researcher who is acknowledged by his peers as having the potential to lead in his field.

Dr. Jacomo Corbo

J. Corbo

Dr. Magda Donia

M. Donia

Dr. Tiemei Li

T. Li

Dr. Mehdi Zahaf

Dr. Mehdi Zahaf was appointed associate professor.

Dr. Shujun Ding

Dr. Shujun Ding, associate professor, was awarded the Telfer Excellence Fellowship.

Dr. Catherine Elliott

Dr. Catherine Elliott, Replacement Professor

We were also delighted to recognize the exceptional performance of several current faculty members:

Veteran healthcare executive named Telfer MHA director

Brian Malcolmson

Brian Malcolmson,
Director MHA Program

In November 2010, Brian Malcolmson was appointed director of the Telfer MHA. He is a seasoned and respected hospital administrator and consultant who has carried out a variety of roles and made a number of valuable contributions to several local, regional and national healthcare organizations. His most recent post was at Hôpital Montfort, where he served as associate vice-president of academic affairs.

Brian is also a Telfer MHA graduate, who has maintained close ties with his alma mater over the course of his 30-year career, serving as part-time professor, student preceptor, Executive in Residence, and president of the 1,000-member Telfer MHA Alumni Association.

This combination of a deep knowledge of our school and an unparalleled understanding of the practical challenges of modern healthcare makes Brian the perfect man to lead the Telfer MHA. A priority of his leadership will be to create greater opportunities for French language education within the program.