Faculty and Staff


This year, we bid farewell to two faculty members, Professor Robert Collier and Professor Brigitte Lévy; two members of our administrative staff, Suzanne Aubry and Renée Richard; and a man who served on both our faculty and executive team, Professor Peter Koppel. We thank them deeply for their dedication to their professions, their loyalty to our school and their commitment to supporting and nurturing Canadian business leaders.

Cherished professor retires

Peter Koppel

Peter Koppel

Ask a Telfer School student or alumnus to name the professor who best personifies the spirit of our school. Chances are that person will identify Peter Koppel. After 26 years of dedicated and uplifting service to our school, he retired on March 31, 2011.

An inspirational teacher and mentor to literally thousands of young men and women, Peter was a key player in giving life to many Telfer School programs and institutions that enrich the learning experiences and personal development of Telfer students—most notably, the Career Centre, the Peer Mentorship Program, and the Personal and Leadership Development Program. And who can forget his many star turns in the annual CASCO gala!

To salute Peter and thank him deeply for his commitment, support and friendship, and for the exuberance and joy he brought to every aspect of life at our school, we have created the Peter and Ann Koppel Scholarship for Excellence. The scholarship will recognize first-year students who personify academic achievement, social responsibility and community involvement. Honour the lasting impact Peter has had on you and on your alma mater by contributing to this worthy scholarship today.