Office of the Dean

Dedicated, talented professionals

We reach our true potential as individuals when we collaborate in harmony with others. The people I collaborate with most regularly as Dean are the dedicated and talented professionals who make up the Office of the Dean of the Telfer School of Management:

François Julien Marc Albert Linda Bellemare Jacques Barrette Alain Doucet Laura Evans Danielle Gagnon Michel Nedzela Patricia O'Rourke Isabelle Paquet Martine Spence


  1. Marc Albert
    Manager, Operations
  2. Jacques Barrette
    Vice-Dean and Associate Dean, Programs
  3. Linda Bellemare
    Executive Coordinator
  4. Alain Doucet
    Assistant Dean, External Relations
  5. Laura Evans
    Advancement Manager
  6. Danielle Gagnon
    Administrative Assistant
  1. François Julien
  2. Michel Nedzela
    Accreditation Team Leader
  3. Patricia O’Rourke
    Chief Administrative Officer
  4. Isabelle Paquet
    Project Manager, Accreditations
  5. Martine Spence
    Associate Dean (Academic) and Secretary, Academic

Telfer Management Team / Program Directors

  1. Sylvie Séguin-Jak
    Director, Student Services Centre
  2. Julie Beauchamp
    Director, Undergraduate Program
  3. Mike Miles
    Director, MBA Program
  4. Brian Malcolmson
    Director, MHA Program
  5. Mark Freel
    Director, M.Sc. in Management Program
  6. Craig Kuziemsky
    Director, MSc in Health Systems Program
  1. Terry Kulka
    Director, EMBA Program
  2. Glen Bailey
    Director, Executive Programs
  3. Christian Coulombe
    Director, Marketing & Communications
  4. Nadine Guervin
    Finance Manager
  5. Danielle Bennett
    Executive Administrator, Graduate Programs
  6. Viviana Fernandez
    Research Facilitator