Student Awards and Alumni Awards

Recognizing excellence

We use a number of distinctive awards to pay tribute to the excellence of our students and alumni.

Honouring the performance of alumni

Five Telfer School alumni were honoured at the 2010 Telfer School of Management Alumni Association Gala of Excellence, held at the Canadian Museum of Nature on September 25, 2010:

  • Derek Beckley, MHA 1978 (president, The Genus Group Inc.), David S. Logan, BCom 1980 (founding partner, Logan Katz LLP) and Lynda Partner, BCom 1983 (CEO, Partners Inc.) were awarded the Trudeau Medal, the highest honour given to alumni by our school.
  • Carl Nappert, BCom 1998 (partner and executive vice-president of sales and marketing, Maplesoft Group) received the Young Achiever's Award, which recognizes the alumnus who achieves remarkable business success an exceptionally short time after graduation.
  • Dean Karakasis, BCom 1983 (executive director, Building Owners and Managers Association) earned the Dean’s Philos Award, which goes to the alumnus who demonstrates outstanding philanthropic achievement and social commitment.
David S. Logan, Dean Karakasis, Lynda Partner, Derek Beckley, and Carl Nappert

(L-R) David S. Logan, Dean Karakasis, Lynda Partner, Derek Beckley, and Carl Nappert

We congratulate, and are delighted to recognize, this year’s student award winners:

Fall 2010 Convocation

  • Kristin Fardy (BCom 2010), University Gold Medal, Highest Achievement in Commerce and Highest Achievement in Management
  • Brian Li (BCom 2010), University Silver Medal Award and Highest Achievement in Marketing
  • Simon Kayser (BCom 2010), Highest Achievement in Accounting
  • Jason Kwan Lun Yeung (BCom 2010), Highest Achievement in Finance
  • Peter Smith (BCom 2010), Highest Achievement in Commerce, without option

June 2011 Convocation

  • Héloïse Marleau (BCom 2011), University Gold Medal and Highest Achievement in Finance
  • Leslie Lee (BCom 2011), University Silver Medal and Highest Achievement in Accounting
  • Sophie Allain-Melanson (BCom 2011) Highest Achievement in Entrepreneurship
  • Olga Asteika (BCom 2011), Highest Achievement in Human Resources Management
  • Anastassia Bratalski (BCom 2011) Highest Achievement in Management Information Systems
  • Luisa Colasante (BCom 2011), Highest Achievement in Commerce
  • Michelle Nadeau (BCom 2011), Highest Achievement in Management
  • Jade St-Laurent (BCom 2011), Highest Achievement in Marketing
  • Pamela Weagle (BCom 2011), Highest Achievement in International Management

Certified General Accountants of Ontario Prize

  • Tyler Laramore (BCom 2011)

KPMG Prize

  • Leslie Lee (BCom 2011)

David Litvak Memorial Prize

  • Jade St-Laurent (BCom 2011)

Alterna Social Responsibility Leadership Award

  • Jennifer Viscosi (BCom 2012)

Christian Navarre Strategic Management Award

  • Caroline Ravary (BCom 2011)

Christian Navarre Project Management Award

  • Roxanne Joncas (BCom 2011)

MBA Student Leadership Award

  • Kathryn Emmons (MBA 2010)
  • Aarin Ryan (MBA 2010)
  • Nashwin Martis (MBA 2010)
  • Simon Hughes (MBA 2010)

Michel Cloutier Memorial Scholarship

  • Sarah Gauthier (MBA 2010)

Bourse Pierre-Maurer—Metropolitan Life

  • Sarah Gauthier (MBA 2010)

Pauline Guidon-Tassie Memorial Scholarship

  • Manon Laliberté (MBA 2010)
  • Marie-Hélène L’abbé (MBA 2010)

James F. Roache Award for Applied Ethics in Business and Finance

  • Manon Laliberté (MBA 2010)
  • Shan-David Beaulieu (MBA 2010)

Robert Wood Johnson Award

  • Guillaume Lemieux (MHA 2011)

Michel Lalonde MHA Scholarship

  • Guillaume Lemieux (MHA 2011)

Enterprise Female Entrepreneur and Leadership Award

  • Alicia Kehoe (BCom 2010)

Master in Health Administration (MHA) Alumni Association Health Leadership Award

  • Julia Atkinson (MHA 2011)
  • Ariyan Marvizi (MHA 2011)

Tops in Ottawa

Telfer School alumni were also featured prominently among this year’s crop of the Ottawa Business Journal Top 40 Under 40, which recognizes young local businesspeople who balance profitable bottom-line results with leadership in charitable and community activities. In 2010–2011, the local publication saluted the career accomplishments, professional expertise and volunteer work of eight Telfer School graduates:

  • Craig Bowditch, BCom 1997
  • Christian Dubuc, MBA 2007
  • Charlene Hosein, BAdm 1996
  • Steve Johnston, MBA 2004
  • John Lees, BCom 1997
  • Mitchell McLean, BSoc 2006, Certificate in Business Administration 2006
  • David Ryan, BAdm 1998
  • Paul Vallée, BCom 1994

For a detailed listing of all Telfer School of Management’s notable events for the 2010-2011 school year, please click here.