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Ambition - 2012-13 Dean's Report - Telfer School of Management

Welcome to the Dean’s Report

We at the Telfer School of Management have set our sights high. Our ambition is to:

  • Give students unparalleled opportunities to gain the knowledge, skills, self-awareness and learning experiences they need to enjoy rewarding careers
  • Provide professionals with specialized courses they can use to propel their careers to new heights
  • Empower faculty members and researchers to uncover, share and refine knowledge and spur innovation
  • Engage alumni to share their wisdom with current students and further their own professional success
  • Collaborate with businesses and organizations both to enrich our school and achieve their goals
  • Find new ways to make the community in which we study, work and live more inclusive, cohesive and prosperous

Use these pages to discover exactly what we’ve done in the past year and will do in the months ahead to fulfil our ambitious goals.

Featured Sections

Dean’s message

Discover how Dean François Julien inspires us all to raise the bar even higher

Notable alumni

Learn about the achievements of our graduates

Cherished partners

Find out how our partners help us achieve our ambitions

Exceptional faculty and staff

Meet the human foundation of our school

Advancing toward our goals

See how we’re realizing the goals we outlined in our strategic plan

2012-13 Telfer School Research Report

A leading learning and research institution

Telfer School of Management is a leading learning and research institution made up of some 3,800 students, 200 full- and part-time faculty, 70 administrative support staff and more than 25,000 alumni. Located in the impressive Desmarais Building and bolstered by the largest individual gift to a Canadian business school, our school enables students to earn the following degrees:

Among the world’s elite

Telfer School of Management is one of only two business schools in Canada and fewer than 50 worldwide that has earned accreditation from the three most prestigious international accrediting bodies:

Association to Advance
Collegiate Schools
of Business
Association of MBAs
European Quality
Improvement System