Connecting You to What Matters

The world is changing. And so is the world of business. At the Telfer School of Management, we understand that what matters goes beyond what you can count. What matters to you is being part of a school that puts you at the centre of everything. We put you at the centre by maintaining a network of high-quality connections. We connect you to what matters to you.

Connections to high quality

Our school is committed to improving our performance continually. We focus our efforts on enhancing the quality of our undergraduate program, our graduate programs, our research activity, our executive education courses and programs, and our connections with alumni and the learning opportunities we nurture for our students around the world.

Connections to real-life learning

We connect our students to management programs that focus on real-life, hands-on learning built on thought leadership and teaching excellence. These programs are designed to shape influential leaders, responsible managers and innovative researchers who have a positive impact on the lives of people, organizations and communities. Whatever your goals, we are always close by to help you reach them.

Connections to thought leaders

Our seasoned professors use their research to take on major problems faced by today’s leaders and managers, anticipating and devising solutions to tomorrow’s challenges, in all fields of management, including our three strategic areas: business analytics and performance, health-systems management, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Connections to brilliant alumni

We have forged close connections with our alumni and the business community so that you can learn alongside leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who are as brilliant as they are inspiring.

Connections to right now

We use the power of social media to bring you right inside the daily life of an institution of learning and discovery located in the capital of a G7 country where public, private and not-for-profit organizations intersect.

Use this year’s edition of the Dean’s report to start your journey of learning and discovery.