Transform How Students Learn

Tyson Rigg reveals how learning in new ways enabled him to identify and follow his career path

Tyson Rigg in the Financial Research and Learning Lab

Tyson rigg in the financial research and learning lab

Engagement Is Exposure

Engagement is exposure—and this connection not only opened up a new way to learn, but also enabled me to identify and pursue what matters. A 2016 graduate of the Telfer BCom with a specialty in finance, I first experienced the power of exposure through engagement at a Telfer School networking convention. Organized by the Career Centre, the annual event gave me the opportunity to get comfortable and confident dealing with representatives of companies from many industries. Gaining that ease led me to the Telfer School’s Capital Markets Mentorship Program, which exposed me to finance professionals who visited the school every two weeks. My engagement deepened further through the Telfer Capital Fund—the school’s student-run investment pool—and the Financial Research and Learning Lab. Both initiatives put me with like-minded students in environments where we could debate pressing questions, hone our skills and share a range of knowledge and personal experiences in finance and wealth creation.

This linked process of engagement, exposure and opportunity made it possible for me to identify high finance as the place in which I wanted to spend my professional life. I’m off to a strong start, working as an associate at Scotia Wealth Management in Toronto. While this learning path was incredibly enjoyable, it still required plenty of effort. I made sure to prepare myself fully for meetings with finance professionals that I arranged via the networking events and mentorship program. I would research the careers of these people, find out the latest developments in their industries, and come up with smart questions to ask them. This preparation helped me build a solid reputation as an emerging finance professional. That’s how I got my job—one executive I met vouched for me to another based on the intelligence and enthusiasm I showed when we met. In the end, the Telfer School transformed how I learned and, in doing so, launched me down my career path.