Impactful Programs

Julie Beauchamp, Vice-Dean (Programs), discusses how our innovative programs help launch and accelerate careers

Dean François Julien

Julie Beauchamp, Vice-Dean (Programs)

A central aspect of Telfer’s mission is to launch and accelerate management careers for our graduates; the School’s activities in the last year prove that we are doing just that.  Internal tracking tells us that 89% of our undergraduate alumni and 96% of our MBA and MHA graduates found employment within six months of graduation.  In addition, we know that 40% of undergraduate alumni are pursuing a professional designation to further accelerate their career, while graduates of the MBA and MHA report that they have been promoted since completing their program at a rate of 70% and 90%, respectively. 

Two (of the many!) factors that have contributed to these successes are Telfer’s focus on providing a global perspective within the programs, and our focus on pedagogical innovation.  Currently, international students make up 20% of our undergraduate student body; this tells us that Telfer’s international reputation is growing and that we are viewed as an attractive education destination.  International students are important to our programs as they introduce new and dynamic perspectives to the learning environment, very much to the benefit of their fellow students.  As the student body grows, our professors are looking for new and innovative ways to engage with them; Telfer faculty members are innovating how they teach by utilizing the online learning platform Brightspace, by incorporating multimedia educational content, by enhancing the use of peer review in the classroom, and by engaging in discussions with colleagues on successes and challenges they’ve encountered. 

Looking ahead at the coming year, I am confident that we are well positioned to leverage past successes to continue building a dynamic and engaged learning environment for all our students.  Our ability to launch and accelerate management careers is dependent on both our students and our faculty, and I am sure that together, we will continue to meet the challenge set out in our mission.