Impactful Research that Makes a Difference

Dean François Julien

Wojtek Michalowski, Vice-Dean (Research)

2017-18 was a very good year for the Telfer School of Management faculty members and graduate students who demonstrated how well equipped they are to produce impactful and cutting-edge research that concerns most important societal problems. The School continues laying down the foundation to become a thought leader that makes a difference: we are creating new and exciting ideas that are having a direct impact on organizations and society in general.

Leaders in various fields in management, our faculty has positioned the Telfer School to become a thought leader both locally and nationally. In the past year, our academic impact has been recognized through publications in leading journals in business, finance, management science, health, and information sciences. Our faculty’s ability to embark on cutting-edge research has been recognized through one the highest success rates in the SSHRC Insight Grant competition of all Canadian business schools, as well as one of the best success rates in the NSERC Discovery Grant competition. Moreover, our faculty colleagues and graduate students were recipients of numerous prestigious research awards, grants, and academic honors.

Leveraging the strong connections with the public and private sectors, we are not only shaping the discussions about how management evolves, but also more actively engaging in knowledge transfer that turns research results into practice and action.

For example, Telfer School faculty members are developing strategies that will drive innovation and promote inclusion in small and medium sized enterprises, developing new solutions to improve the quality and services of care in health organizations, and examining lessons learned and best practices to encourage employee productivity and wellbeing. At a forefront of conversation about women in leadership, a group of our faculty is developing strategies that will foster equity, diversity, and inclusion across organizations.

By turning meaningful research into practice, my faculty colleagues are also becoming role models to our MSc and PhD students, who are learning the importance of creating knowledge that will have an impact on organizations and society alike.

I am proud of what we have accomplished at the Telfer School over the last year. I am proud to see how our faculty and students are driven by a desire to create impactful knowledge. I am proud to be member of our academic family that provides the thought leadership while being attentive to what Canadian organizations and society need to continue prospering and successfully addressing challenges thrown our way.

Research Annual Report 2017-18 coming soon.