Positive Impact to Make a Difference

At the Telfer School of Management, we are committed to transform the student experience across our program portfolio in a way that is responsive to evolving market needs, inspired by research and supported by the community. With the support and the generosity from our alumni, friends and corporate community, we are able to accelerate and amplify our school’s five fundraising priorities:


Transform How Students Learn

We will transform our teaching methods and experiences of our students. We will achieve this goal by providing more learning opportunities inside and outside classrooms, and by making curricula and learning experiences more international in flavour and scope. 


Invest In Globalization

We will become a more international school by developing what we call a global mindset. This attitude will animate every action we take and every decision we make, most notably in the evolution of our curriculum.


Generate New Knowledge

We will undertake insightful research, whose findings will enable the world to better understand the complex problems we all face and navigate through the management challenges of tomorrow. We will achieve this goal by bolstering our research centres and by recruiting and supporting individual researchers and informal research groups throughout our school.


Foster Experiential Learning

We will launch and accelerate the management careers of our graduates by delivering real-life, hands-on learning experiences to our students and providing them knowledge, skills and development opportunities. Students will derive these experiences and opportunities through initiatives such as our mentorship and leadership programs, student case competitions, and funds that support students who compete under the Telfer School banner.


Setting and Supporting our Goals

We will invest in student activities and scholarships, upgraded facilities, new programs, advanced research, and our strategic areas of excellence—analytics and performance, entrepreneurship and innovation, and health-systems management.