Generate New Knowledge

We will undertake insightful research, whose findings will enable the world to better understand the complex problems we all face and navigate through the management challenges of tomorrow. We will achieve this goal by bolstering our research centres and by recruiting and supporting individual researchers and informal research groups throughout our school.

Family Business

Passing on the Torch Strategically–In Family Businesses

Family-owned firms play a major economic role worldwide. In Canada, they employ over 6 million people and contribute more than 60% of our GDP.
But hiring your own kids in the family business is not always the best decision. Professor Peter Jaskiewicz talks about the importance of family firms and explains how to pass on the family torch to the next generation without hurting firm performance.

Women in leadership

Empowering Women Leaders in Healthcare: From Research to Practice.

It is particularly important to address the influence of gender on health care organizations. According to a Statistics Canada report, women represent 80% of the workforce in this sector. Although the majority of health workers are women, the majority of senior management positions are held by men. As part of her Empowering Women Leaders in Health project, Professor Ivy Bourgeault has partnered with several organizations to address this gap in health care organizations. Ultimately, her team hopes to increase the participation, visibility and advancement of women in leadership positions in the fields of health sciences and Indigenous health.


When professionals don’t agree: Accountants, actuaries and economists’ views on public pension liabilities.

Accountants and actuaries have long relied on their professional judgment to select an interest rate that will be used to calculate that value of pension plan liabilities. However, some financial economist believe that the value of pension liabilities should be rather calculated based on information that can be found in the capital markets, which they consider to be more objective than one’s professional judgment. In the debate over judgment versus objectivity, it is not about who is getting the accounting right, but rather about who is telling policymakers the most compelling story. Professor Darlene Himick and co-author tracked all the stages in which a group of financial economists gradually redefined how pension plan liabilities were evaluated and reported in the United States. What appears like a technical debate between professionals actually reshaped policies that have the potential to impact the valuation of government pension liabilities. Such changes may have much wider implications for government spending.

Women being harrassed by male coworker

#Metoo, Workplace Sexual Harassment, and How Organizations Can Cope with Current Challenges

Almost every person knows of someone who has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment at work affects more than 53% of Canadians and this number continues to grow with the awareness of the problem and the courage of those who break their silence. Professor Jane O'Reilly is currently studying harmful interpersonal relationships, including sexual harassment, within organizations.