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Nicolas Pjontek

Nicolas Pjontek
BCom 2007 (E-Business)

A testimonial by Nicolas Pjontek

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Please note that the e-Business option is no longer offered to new students in the Telfer School of Management’s BCom program.

Current students (admitted prior to Fall 2013) may choose to complete the degree requirements of the e-Business option or they can choose to switch to the MIS option. Students must declare their option prior to September 2014.

The e-business option is designed to integrate technology and business to prepare students for jobs in this evolving field. The curriculum explores new business models implemented by organizations using sophisticated electronic means of conducting business.

Students learn about different forms of integration among and within organizations—B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer), B2B (business-to-employee), for example—in the areas of customer relationship management, supply chain management, etc.

The Honours BCom (option in e-Business) is available in CO-OP.

Sample Courses

Business process redesign, E-government, Supply-chain management, Business simulations, Information systems analysis and design, Digital marketing technologies and Electronic business

Career Examples

Business systems analyst, E-commerce manager, Web developer, E-business consultant and Project manager


Why did you choose the University of Ottawa?

I chose the University of Ottawa because of its amazing location near the ByWard Market and downtown Ottawa. The Telfer School of Management’s programs and courses were unmatched by other schools I considered.

Are you involved in any clubs or extracurricular activities? If so, please describe a noteworthy experience.

As VP, Creative, of the Management Information Systems Association (MISA), I had the opportunity to create a website to help hundreds of students buy and sell their used books every semester.

Have you ever received assistance from a student association or service? If so, please describe how the association or service helped you.

The Telfer School of Management’s Career Centre has provided me with great advice and direction for looking and applying for jobs. The Centre has also arranged many information sessions with quality employers.

In what ways do you feel that your uOttawa education is preparing you for your future?

My education at uOttawa has provided me with essential knowledge, communication skills and a personal and professional network that will be extremely valuable in the future. When I graduate,

I plan to launch my own Internet or technology start-up after I get experience working for other entrepreneurs.

Will Roberston, Fourth-year student, Toronto, Ontario