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International Management

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Nadya-Lee Ringuette

Nadya-Lee Ringuette
BCom 2010 (International Management)

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The international management option helps students gain an understanding of the particular problems that arise in international business and develop strategic decision-making skills to approach these problems.

Students in this program must complete at least one study session abroad at one of the international partner institutions of the Telfer School of Management and are encouraged to learn a third language (i.e., a language other than English or French).

The Honours BCom (option in International Management) is available in CO-OP and French immersion.

Sample Courses

International business, Multinational business policy, International accounting, Multinational business finance, International marketing and Cross-cultural management

Third Language and Culture Courses

ALG *, ARB *, CHN *, ELA*, ESP *, GRE *, HBR *, ITA *, JPN *, POR *, RUS*, FRE 1732, FRE 1734, FRE 2510, FRE 2515, FRE 2520, FRE 2537, FRE 4585

To view course descriptions and what fits best with your schedule, please consult the course timetable.

Student Activities

More than 90 students from the Telfer School participate in an international exchange each year. Studying abroad at one of our 45 partner institutions provides you with an unforgettable social, cultural and academic experience.

The Managers Without Borders Club welcomes exchange students to the Telfer School and organizes networking events in Ottawa. The club also hosts the annual Virtual International Case Competitions.

Career Examples

Foreign service officer, Trade commissioner, Import or export specialist, International sales manager and Business development director


Why should a student decide to study international management here rather than at another university?

Ottawa is a very multicultural city and the University of Ottawa reflects that. We have a high-technology industry that is internationally oriented and provides many opportunities for students both during their studies and upon graduation. Our university truly allows students to develop their capabilities in more than just the English language.

Why did you decide to work at uOttawa?

I am an alumnus of the University of Ottawa and am passionate about this city and this university.

Describe how you are involved with your students outside the classroom.

I am currently coaching students preparing to compete at the Jeux du commerce, a case competition taking place in January. The competition is a great way for students to develop their analytical skills and make contacts at other universities. Looks great on a resume too!

What would be your advice to future students?

Embrace your university education: it should be a transformative experience in your life and a time when you develop into the person you want to become.

Tyler Chamberlin, Professor, Nine years of teaching