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Omar Itani

Omar Itani
BCom 2012 (Marketing)

A testimonial by Omar Itani

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Marketing is a system of interacting business and organizational activities designed to plan, develop, price, promote and distribute products and services.

The marketing option helps students understand the environment in which buyers and sellers operate and how businesses and organizations develop, promote and distribute products and services in an increasingly competitive world.

As a result of the increased breadth of marketing and the complexity and importance of the decisions to be made, marketing requires a good knowledge of the quantitative and the qualitative concepts, models, theories and techniques of the other areas taught within the Telfer School of Management.

The Honours BCom (option in Marketing) is available in CO-OP and French immersion.

Sample Courses

Consumer behaviour, Advertising and sales promotion management, Market research, Marketing strategy, Personal selling, Digital marketing technologies and International marketing

Student Activities

Take part in the Michel Cloutier Marketing Competition, or get involved in the Marketing Association and attend its events.

Career Examples

Market analyst, Promotions and communications officer, Branding manager, Publicist or public relations manager and Director of sales


Why did you choose the University of Ottawa?

Certainly for the flexibility of studying in both French and English! Also, for the chance to work as a CO-OP student in both the public and private sectors. The City of Ottawa provides many work opportunities.

What do you like most about your program of study?

To be able to apply theory to reality! Through numerous group projects in marketing, I have the opportunity to analyze real-life situations taking place in many organizations. It is very rewarding to present good recommendations and innovative marketing strategies to these companies.

Describe an astounding or exciting university experience:

Contributing to the many successes of the student delegations sent to the Jeux du commerce and Happening Marketing competitions! A sense of unity and family stems from hard work and sharing our passion of commerce with others. The joy and enthusiasm that we feel when our team wins a place on the podium definitely makes it an unforgettable experience!

Have you ever received assistance from a student association or service? If so, please describe how the association or service helped you?

When I was a first-year student, I participated actively in the peer mentoring program at the Telfer School of Management.

Being paired up with a senior student allowed me to better integrate into the University of Ottawa and to meet other students. It was very comforting to have a “resource person” to answer all sorts of questions.

Danielle Perreault, Third-year student, Sturgeon Falls, Ontario