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Without option

Useful Information

The commerce program without option allows students to acquire substantial knowledge in management-related fields without necessarily specializing. Students thus receive instruction in areas as varied as accounting, finance, marketing, production and operations management, human resources, international management and management information systems. Students can design their own program according to their career aspirations with the flexibility of being able to select courses outside the common core courses.

This program is suitable for students wishing to enroll in an international exchange since this option allows students more flexibility in their course selection at the host university.

The Honours Bachelor of Commerce (without option) is available in CO-OP and French immersion.

Sample Courses

Business communication skills, Financial management, Human resource management, Management in the new economy, Marketing strategy and Project management.

Student Activities

Students at the Telfer School of Management can discover and enhance their leadership capabilities through personal development workshops, career exploration sessions, as well as competitions, clubs and associations.

Career Examples

Sales manager, Business consultant, Trade negotiator, General manager and Director of client services


Describe your favourite first-year professor.

I think most Telfer School students think of Professor Koppel when they think back about their first year. Professor Koppel taught us that only we can stand in the way of our aspirations. Professor Koppel’s approach to teaching as well as the undergraduate program make this school something to be proud of and prepare the students very well for the challenges that lie ahead.

What project did you like working on the most and why?

I thoroughly enjoyed working on the Intopia business simulation. Of all the universities in

Canada, only two run this simulation. This has instilled in me a sense of pride in my school since it focused on not only the theoretical aspect of learning but also on the practical side.

Were you involved in any extracurricular activities?

I took part in many activities offered by the Entrepreneurs’ Club. The business dinner was the first career event I attended and it quickly made me realize that I should have attended more of these events from the start.

In what ways do you feel that your uOttawa education is preparing you for your future?

The Telfer School of Management Career Centre is a tremendous resource that offers many services to help students. Our professors go out of their way to help their students by either sharing their contacts or providing references. I know I will be more successful because of everything that I learned here.

Jonathan Bourgeois, Alumnus, Moncton, New Brunswick