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Complementary option in Entrepreneurship

Useful Information

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Our newly launched complementary option in entrepreneurship is designed to help you develop skills that are necessary to contribute to a new venture creation, a high growth enterprise, or an innovative existing organization. Whether you want to lead your own enterprise, work in a family business, or manage growth in an established company, our goal is to stimulate and inspire you.

Sample Courses

The Entrepreneurial Society, New Venture Creation, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Management of Innovation 

Student Activities

Complement your classroom experience with some of our many entrepreneurship competitions, clubs and events:


Entrepreneurs' Club -
Enactus -


Keep up to date on entrepreneurship events:


Telfer Business Traction Challenge

Validate your business ideas:

Elevator Pitch Competition

Have your business idea Rise to the Top! Cash prize and networking opportunities:

Startup Weekend

Connect with students across all faculties to encourage and promote entrepreneurship:

Startup Garage

Provides three essential ingredients to accelerate your venture over the summer term: cash, space and support: