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Innovative Seminars

innovative seminar



ADM4396 Section A

Selected Issues in Global Marketing with Applications to the Luxury and Private Banking Sector

(A 5-day intensive course offered during the Fall Study Week, From Monday, October 23rd to Friday, October 27th.)

Multinationals and small firms as well have responded to the challenge created by these unmatched opportunities by boldly entering new markets either by themselves or through alliances and other cooperatives arrangements with foreign partners. At this stage, firms may enter foreign markets with a large variety of options and expand worldwide through the simultaneous operationalization of foreign, multinational, regional and global marketing strategies. The first task in this course will be to draw the distinctions between these internalization modes, and then to evaluate under which conditions these modes may be appropriate to the firm depending on its profile, constraints and objectives. The second one will be to analyze how marketing strategies must be adapted accordingly. Although a variety of business sectors will be covered in these cases and in the lectures, global luxury marketing will be more specifically addressed. Strategies of firms such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Rolex and Pathek Phillippe will be discussed as well as strategies in the «luxury» private banking sector to high net worth individuals worldwide.

The prerequisites for this seminar are the successful completion of the common core courses of the first and second year of the BCom program (see course sequence of option/specialisation). This course is not recommended for students that plan to take ADM 4328/4728.

This 5-day intensive course will be offered during the Fall Study Week, From Monday, October 23rd to Friday, October 27th, 2017. Students must apply by September 15, 2017 and be admitted to this limited enrolment intensive course. If admitted, the Student Services Centre will register students to this course during the week of June 26th, 2017.

This course will be taught by Dr. Jean-Emile Denis, Professor Emeritus, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Professor Denis has lectured in many countries, notably the United States, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Algeria, Tunisia, Norway, France and Switzerland and for several years in the Executive MBA programme in Wealth Management of the Swiss Banking School. He is author and co-author of four books and has published numerous articles in academic and professional journals, including The Journal of International Business Studies, The International Marketing Review, and The Journal of World Trade Law.  He has been a consultant in international marketing to several public and private agencies in Canada, and for Geneva-based international trade and development organizations. His professional activities have given him the opportunity to teach, research, advise and trade in more than forty countries.




ADM3396 Section M

Entrepreneurship Foundry Course

This course focuses on helping students move their real business ventures forward in a structured, for-credit learning environment. The course is very experiential in nature and emulates an accelerator environment. 
The course will bridge the gap between the teachings of entrepreneurship concepts and principles (e.g. ADM3313 and GNG4120) and the services and support to actual startups (e.g. Startup Garage, Invest Ottawa and other incubators and accelerators). Each session will be structured to provide maximum value and benefit to moving the venture along whether it be idea to start-up, or start-up to growth.  A typical session may include a panel or expert talk, plus time to work on your venture with expert resources guiding you through the process. In addition, frequent check-in pitches will provide opportunities for feedback and evaluation.
Students must come to the course with a pre-existing idea, preferably validated, or an actual start-up with growth aspirations. At least one person on a team must be registered in the course, but other team members are welcome to attend the sessions (space permitting).
The course will run this winter on Thursdays from 4-7 p.m. and space is limited to 25 students. Student teams are eligible and not all members need to be registered for the course to participate. The deadline to submit applications is December 12, 2017.
To learn more and to apply for the course, please contact Stephen Daze.

ADM4396 Section M

Personal and Leadership Development 

This facilitator-driven seminar introduces students to important aspects related to personal and leadership development and will broaden students’ awareness in topics related to career development, leadership skills, self and balance, and community involvement.  Thinking about what goals to set, how to map out a career plan, what it will take to be a business leader in the future, and how does one find balance in one’s life while looking to achieve long-term success as a business leader are just some of the topics that will be explored in this highly engaging Seminar.

Students must apply and be admitted to this course. Applications will be accepted until October 1, 2017.


ADM4396 Section N

Global Marketing & Innovation Strategy: Learning about and from China

(A 4-day intensive course offered during the Winter Study Week, From Tuesday, February 20th to Friday, February 23rd 2018.)

There is a global economic power shift and Western-based businesses are being challenged in different ways by the rapid growth of China and other emerging entrants. What can they do about it?

This course serves as a guide for Western companies to understand how their new competitors from China do business and how they can change their strategy to be more successful in international markets. 

With the emergence of China, the rules of the global business and trade game have changed. Innovation and product superiority are no longer enough to win business in international markets – especially in emerging markets.

Western companies need to reevaluate their sales and marketing strategies and reposition themselves in the context of a new genre of competition and different customer demands.

In this course we will study how China and other emerging entrants do business using the 5Ps of Global Marketing Framework and then explore how a Western-based company can learn from them and adapt their strategy, incorporating competitive dynamics into their plan.

Maintaining an innovation advantage is also a key success factor in the new global economy and we will study ways to become innovative at innovation by learning about new models.

This intensive seminar will be taught by Amy Karam, who is a speaker, consultant, author and corporate instructor of Stanford University professional development courses. She has worked with over 50 countries and at companies such as Cisco, Apple, Visa, Nationwide, Capital One, SAP, Bell Canada and AT&T. Notably, she led a CEO-sponsored global competitive sales support program at Cisco Systems, the catalyst for her current practice. She has also led business development initiatives with the World Bank, ITU-D, government Ministers of emerging countries and high-technology companies, to foster public and private sector collaboration.

For the course outline, please contact the Student Services Centre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.