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Humans of Telfer - Polly

"The inspiration to create WMN came from joining the women's network at American Express when I worked there this summer. They are one of the top employers in Canada for Diversity Management, and won the award several times because they have so many networks; millennials network, remote workers network, women’s network; the list goes on. I joined their Women’s Interest Network, WIN. The interest came when I went to their roundtable series. Led by 3 VPs, a group of 20 women of all ages and seniorities had the opportunity to have a conversation. I have never found such an authentic and genuine community of people who were willing to share their vulnerabilities and hard life lessons. I was so inspired that I immediately sent an email off to the Relationship Managers at the Career Centre. Once I started it, it wasn't just me but every person I talked to opened another door for me and it blossomed from there. It is so empowering to be in an environment where you see women leading at the front lines and supporting each other. If you're passionate about something, it grows."  Read more ›


3 tips for making the most of Telfer Networks

The countdown is on! Next Thursday, January 25th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Telfer’s largest networking event, Telfer Networks, will be back for all Telfer undergraduate students! Read more ›

4 Things to Keep in Mind to Set a Great First Impression

Did you know that it takes only 7 seconds for a person to make a first impression? Not to mention, people are attached to their first impressions. Now, when you meet a professional wouldn’t you want to give them a great first impression? You have to prove yourself and one of the key ways to do so is through the image that you project. In this article you'll find the most important things that you need keep in mind to enhance others’ perception of you. Read more ›


Preparing for a Successful Second Semester

After a fantastic holiday break, it can be difficult to get back into the school mindset. From spending time with loved ones to spending time with your textbooks, it is not always a fun transition. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind to prepare for a successful second semester:
  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer - Olivia

"In general, my experience at Telfer has been good. I found the classes from some professors quite stimulating. I was also involved in clubs and extracurricular activities that gave me the opportunity to make the most of my academic experience. I find that the activities provided by the Career Centre help students develop skills and build their professional profile. I'm supposed to go to Madrid in the winter for an international exchange. I would like to improve my third language, which is Spanish, and gain a better understanding of ​​international markets, especially European markets with which I’m less familiar. Since my professional goal is to pursue a career abroad, I will benefit a lot from this exchange." Read more ›


Top 3 Podcasts to Check Out during the break

Now that the exam season has winded down, you may find yourself with a little bit more time on your hands, or maybe you are just as busy getting ready for the holidays! Whether you are baking treats, wrapping gifts or spreading holiday cheer, check out these business and career-minded podcasts: Read more ›

Organizational Tips to Make the Most Out of 2018

New year, new me, right? Read more ›

Humans of Telfer - Heather

“My time here at Telfer has been challenging so far. Despite these challenges, my experiences have been rewarding. Telfer has allowed me to study in French immersion, as well as to gain valuable volunteer and work experience. After much hard work and determination, I am proud to say that I was admitted into the CO-OP program. Ultimately, through my developing skills, I have learned to overcome these obstacles by setting goals, being persistent and managing my time.” Read more ›


Stacking the Odds in your Favour During an Interview

You have successfully gone through the process of having your resumé reviewed by recruiters and you are now at the interview stage, where you will have to convince them to hire you. It’s your time to shine and set yourself apart from other candidates. By paying close attention to your outfit and to the way you stand, you will be able to do just that. Read more ›


6 Tips for Writing a Good Cover Letter

Did you know that recruiters only spend about 6 seconds reviewing each resumé in their pile? When everyone has a good GPA and similar work experience what can help you stand out? A good cover letter is definitely the answer. In this post, I will share my 6 tips on how to write a successful cover letter. Read more ›