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Image of Jess Rutley

Humans of Telfer - Jessica

"I’m new to campus and have enjoyed learning about what the Telfer School has to offer and am happy to be getting to know the students. As a recruiter for the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation, I want to let students know that the CPA designation is not just about auditing or tax work. It has so much more to offer and certainly doesn’t limit you to positions in accounting firms. CPAs can work at any company anywhere in the world. If you see me on campus, don’t hesitate to say hello or ask any questions you may have!" Read more ›


Laurier Street

Standing Out in the Sea of Telfer Students

Every Friday noontime, our Ambassador team offers peer-to-peer drop-ins to offer students advice or aid in their journey throughout university. A proactive first-year student walked in and asked me, “What can I do to stand out in university?” She had read up on my profile and knew about the things I was involved in throughout my time at Telfer. I was incredibly surprised by her preparation and research. Read more ›

Image of students in program

My Experience as a Career Centre Ambassador

Hi! My name is Christopher Flores-Lyons, and for the past three years, I have been an ambassador for the Telfer Career Centre. It has been one of the greatest highlights of my university degree. I joined in my second year, the first year you are eligible to become an ambassador. The Career Centre had several workshops that I attended in my first year that helped me gain confidence at networking events. One of the veteran ambassadors encouraged me to join the ambassador's team and take a leadership position within the school to promote the services that are exclusive to Telfer students. Read more ›


New Years resolution list

New Year’s Resolution Check-In: Are You Sticking to Your Goals?

We are in the third month of 2018 and it’s a good time to reflect on whether or not you have been sticking to the goals you have set for yourself in the beginning of the year. Are you still on the right track or have you given up after two weeks into the year? If the latter is you, don’t worry, it is never too late to start over! Here are three tips on how to get back on track. Read more ›


Photo Sonia Vinogradova

Humans of Telfer - Sonia

“I dove right into Telfer student life and haven’t looked back! Getting involved means meeting entrepreneurial students and interesting professionals. It has also shaped my perception of the business community in Ottawa. And being active in Telfer has given me hands-on skills that students can’t always learn in a classroom. Being involved really rounds out your education. Jump into clubs to get your feet wet and find out what your calling is!” Read more ›



5 Ways to Prepare for a Networking Event

Whether you are a first- or fourth-year student, you should be going to networking events. They may lead to your first summer internship, or your post-undergrad dream job. As beneficial as networking events can be, they can also be very intimidating. However, not if you know how to prepare for them. Use these five ways to prepare for your next networking event! Read more ›


Two Influential Speakers Millenials Should Know About

When approaching graduation, most students start asking themselves a number of questions: Was this the right degree for me? What will I do with it later on? Should I pursue a master’s degree right away? Should I take a break and travel the world? Or should I work to gain experience? Am I falling behind my peers? Read more ›

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3 ways to succeed in your interviews

The month of March is already quite busy given midterms and the various assignments that need to be handed in. On top of that, it’s interview season! To help you shine in your interviews, I’m sharing with you 3 great tips that will help you secure the job you want. Read more ›

Photo of Marc Tassé

Humans of Telfer - Marc

“Talk with confidence. People will memorize 55% of your body language, 38% of your intonation and only 7% of your words. Focus on your attitude. Without the right attitude, your aptitude will hardly bring you to a new altitude. Try to learn as much as possible in class, but don’t be nervous for the exam if you’re well prepared. The university is here to help you achieve your goal.” Read more ›


Telfer Star

Who is YOUR #TelferStar?

In life, it is important to show our gratitude towards others. Although that sounds like common sense, it is not always easy to express our appreciation. We will often assume that people either get thanks from other people, or that they already know how thankful we are for them. We are usually wrong on both counts. Read more ›