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Tips for Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Do you have a LinkedIn account? Have you heard of LinkedIn before? LinkedIn is a widely used social media platform, where students can connect with employers and network online. Although many people believe LinkedIn is basically an online version of your resume, it is much more than that! LinkedIn is where you take your resume to the next level and elaborate your skills and experience, allowing for employers to learn more about you and how you could contribute to their company. Read more ›

Are You Really “More Than your Degree”?

We have all heard of this statement. That we’re all more than our degrees. But what does that even mean? Are we ACTUALLY more than our grades? More than our transcript? Yes. Yes we are. But not for the same reasons you may think. I want to talk to you today about what it means to really succeed as a student. Read more ›

Humans of Telfer - Kimberley

"The Digital Marketing Development Program generated so much interest last winter that we decided to make it into a course. I am one of two instructors for the English class, along with Jonathan Simon. We wanted to do something different, so we partnered with PageCloud and Klipfolio to bring students a course which is innovative and practical. The course has no textbook and all student assignments are done on the website so they can get real-life experience; they build a personal branding website and practice the topics explored in class, all while developing a digital footprint that will help them to secure employment. Read more ›


A Productive Reading Week

We all know what time of the year is coming… That’s right ― fall Reading Week is almost here! Now, I’m sure you’re all excited as I am, but we all know what reading week is truly about. Read more ›

How to Ace Your Next Job Interview

With the amount of school work and extracurricular activity commitments piling up, October can be a stressful month! October is also a busy month for recruiters, searching for perfect candidates to fulfill their co-op, internship, holiday staff positions, etc., and students often feel nervous about upcoming interviews.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer - Jeber

"I chose to specialize in Management because, in the future, I want to work for myself. I want to manage my own business one day and be my own boss. I am in Management to explore the diverse options and opportunities of owning a business. Being my own boss would also be a lot simpler and easier because I would be able to plan my own schedule and do things that I like. It would allow me to work on my hobbies, such as acting and volunteering. Being my own boss means I am in charge of my life and I'm not being micromanaged." Read more ›


Three Ways to Boost Your Resumé While You’re Still in University (and have fun doing it!)

Volunteering is an excellent way to expand your network, give back to your community and gain transferable skills that employers are looking for in a candidate. The Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement is a great place to start looking. There are many opportunities available — from a few hours to a semester-long commitment! You can even log your hours that you complete while in University and get an Official Co-Curricular record, which is a record of all of your volunteer experience and hours you completed throughout your degree! Another resource for finding volunteer opportunities is Volunteer Ottawa, where many organizations around the city post volunteer opportunities from a diverse range of sectors.
  Read more ›

There’s More to Business than just the Textbooks

If you take a minute and reflect upon your academic life - ask yourself a question. What made you apply to the Telfer School of Management? Was it your career prospects? Was it your interest in the business world? Whatever the reason, we all know that in order to get our degree, we’ve got to get through the hard stuff first. Assignments. Midterms. Lectures. And of course, the textbook readings. Now, textbooks have a wide array of information — useful information, in fact— but they definitely aren’t the only way to gain knowledge about business. Let’s not forget about the books or the television! Read more ›

Humans of Telfer - Ibrahim

"I came to Telfer with an engineering background, and I enrolled in the Management Information Systems program before ending up in Accounting. So I had to make choices and I took advantage of the resources available to help me, three of which come to mind: being able to rely on the advice of qualified professors, the opportunity to be a teaching assistant — which helped me to be responsible and further my knowledge — and finally the academic specialists; it was through them that I was able to face job-related challenges and find an internship in an accounting firm with the Connexions Program. I find that Telfer helps students but also empowers them, thanks to the various opportunities offered. It is a solid feature that distinguishes it from other faculties and universities." Read more ›


How to Spend Your Reading Week in Toronto with the Career Centre

University learning is about so much more than a series of courses and credits to complete. Social and professional learning is also important. With this in mind, the Career Centre offers you the opportunity to participate in a trip to Toronto for a great social and professional experience! Indeed, the Career Centre offers activities that go beyond Desmarais’ facilities. This term, the Marketing Trip is in Toronto, one of Canada's largest business cities. This trip will be held from October 25 to 27 during Reading Week, to make your week much more interesting. Read more ›