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Humans of Telfer - Natalie

"Being a student at Telfer meant having access to all 13 clubs that are a part of Telfer. From the first day I heard about CASCO, I knew this was the club I wanted to join because the club’s main purpose is to raise money for CHEO. Being on CASCO’s Sponsorship team has given me the opportunity to work with professionals from various industries whose companies believe in the importance of corporate social responsibility. Together, we raise even more money for CHEO with each passing year. Being on the CASCO team has enriched my Telfer experience through the lasting friendships I’ve made with my teammates, and the business relationships I’ve created with industry professionals." Read more ›


Meet this year’s ambassadors!

As you know (or not if you are a new student), the Career Centre has an Ambassador Program, which brings together several enthusiastic and talented students to promote Career Centre activities and services. Ambassadors work closely with Career Centre staff to improve student experience at Telfer. To this end, we have the honour of introducing the Ambassador Team for the 2017-2018 academic year! Read more ›

Welcome Back!

As September quickly rolls in, students are busy starting the 2017/2018 academic school year. After a relaxing, fun-filled summer, you might start to feel overwhelmed trying to get back into your usual routine. Or maybe this is your first year as a University of Ottawa student and you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’re all in this together! Read more ›

Networking Events for Dummies

What is the purpose of going to a networking event? The most common answer is to meet new people that may be mutually beneficial for each party. However, the purpose can be as simple as to make new friends! Here are 5 useful tips that you can instantly do that may improve your networking skills! Read more ›

5 Books to Read for Business Inspiration and Advice

Lean In is an insightful nonfiction and business book that has been written by one of the most successful women in the world. Ms. Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, after holding the position of Vice-President of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google. Ms. Sandberg has extensive knowledge about the difficulties women with ambition face in the workplace. Ms. Sandberg shares learned lessons about how to capitalize on your abilities and receive the equality you deserve. Read more ›

Listen Your Way to Success!

Podcast channels are one of the best sources of information for career development. Being convenient in access and delivered by individuals who are passionate and knowledgeable in what they are discussing, podcasts are perfect for those in need of work-related advice and inspiration to plan for their future -- no matter what situation you are in, there is always a podcast to be found! Read more ›

Back-to-School Tips

For some of you who are entering university for the first time, I am sure you have come to realize that it is a huge jump from high school. The transition from high school to university is challenging, so here are my tips to ensure your first year goes as smoothly as possible. Read more ›