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Career Centre in the Spotlight: Nathon Kong

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Nathon Kong

Nathon is a recent MBA graduate now working at Novartis Pharmaceutical Canada Inc. As an MBA student, he had always expressed his ambition to work in the pharmaceutical industry. When we asked him how he succeeded in securing his employment in Montréal, he answered: “Purely through networking. The Career Centre services helped me narrow down my targets and kept me focused. They also helped me plan who to meet and prepare what to say for these meetings.”

One of the Career Centre services that Nathon found most valuable was the MBA Mentorship Program. Through this program, he was able to forge a good relationship with a mentor; in fact, they are still in contact to this day. It was with the help of his mentor that he was able to secure the position with Novartis prior to graduation.

Another service that Nathon took advantage of was the MBA employer panels. Each year, Caroline Hannah, one of the Centre’s Relationship Managers, invites employers from various organizations on campus to discuss specific career-related topics. During these panels, Nathon was able to successfully stand out from the competition thanks to the numerous individual consultations he had with Caroline and the advice she offered. “I learned something from every one of my meetings with Caroline”, he added.

He explained that what motivated him to use the Career Centre services over the course of his studies was the relationship he had built with the staff at the Centre. He felt that they were very sincere.

In response to whether he would recommend the Career Centre’s services to other MBA students, he said “Of course! I was recently discussing this very thing with alumni from other faculties and mentioned that the Career Centre services made a huge difference for me. I knew what I wanted, and the services helped me get there.”