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Alumni on the Move: Sylvia Paduch

Shelia MasonCongratulations to Sylvia Paduch,  EMBA 2015, on her new role as Controller for Energate Inc.

"I enrolled in the Telfer Executive MBA Program with the intention of expanding my skills in the managerial area. I am strong in operational business accounting following my education and practice in this field, but to further my career growth required me to expand my skills beyond what I could acquire on the job as a senior accountant.

Working on consulting projects within the interdisciplinary teams in the Program and taking on international assignments with responsibilities from outside of my immediate area of expertise helped me to expand my comfort zone. I learned to move ahead with rapid acquisition of knowledge, engage in multi-variant analysis and analyzing options and data for optimal decision-making. This is something that we as business accountants are generally not trained to do.

Telfer Executive MBA opened doors for me but even more so, it built my confidence. A Telfer Executive MBA graduate holds its own merit to prospective employers who know the amount of hard work and determination it takes to graduate from this Program. I am very happy to have transitioned to a new company and work in a different area of business with more direct responsibilities. It provides a better and more clearly outlined career growth path for me and this is exactly what I was hoping for upon graduation."

Posted: August 24, 2015

Published: August 24, 2015 | Category: Latest News

The Telfer Executive MBA pushes you to new limits in a protected team environment. The result is a newly found, greater sense of confidence, both personally and professionally.
Jeff Bardsley, EMBA 2011, National Business Manager, HEAD Canada Inc.