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Alumni on the Move: Kent Woodhall

Kent Woodhall Congratulations to Kent Woodhall, EMBA 2010, on his new role as Chief Operating Officer at Pinnacle Centres for Healthcare Excellence in addition to beginning his own consulting firm: FIVE20 Healthcare Consulting Inc.

While there is a lot to be said for the rich personal experience you will have at the Telfer Executive MBA, going there is like turbocharging your career.  The new business concepts, approach to decision-making and ideation and lessons in entrepreneurial skills have catapulted my career.

 Since graduation I have made the leap from a middle management role in the public sector to Chief Operating Officer in the private sector while simultaneously incorporating a consulting agency.  These are two achievements I couldn’t have accomplished without the knowledge and skills acquired at the Telfer Executive MBA.

We wish Kent great success in his new consulting firm and role at Pinnacle Centres for Healthcare Excellence.

Published: January 17, 2017 | Category: Latest News

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Glenn Hewus, EMBA 1994, Senior Vice-President, The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited