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Alumni on the Move: Megan Ryder-Burbidge

Dr.Viren Naik Congratulations to Megan Ryder-Burbidge, EMBA 2018, on her new role as Senior Partnership Lead/Advisor, Partnerships and Business Development at Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

'The Telfer Executive MBA program has not only added to my business acumen but it single-handedly enabled the networking required to secure my new position within the Canadian Government as a Senior Advisor.

Networking is something that is extremely valuable to business leaders and this is cultivated and encouraged within the Telfer Executive MBA program. Not everyone arrives at business school with the inherent ability to network and I believe that Telfer’s senior leadership team and its professors help curate these soft skills in many of the candidates who walk through its doors. Focusing on fostering humility and oftentimes confidence, the Telfer Executive MBA program works to improve these abilities even for those without the natural inclination to do so.

Although only just finishing my first year of this program, the Telfer Executive MBA has already added to my business abilities in the area of corporate communications, management consulting and perhaps most importantly, professional authenticity!'.

Congratulations Megan and we wish you the best in your new role witat Canadian Institutes of Health Research along with continuing the journey with you in the Telfer Executive MBA program. 

Published: May 9, 2017 | Category: Latest News

The summer consulting project provided me with a tremendous opportunity to showcase my new skills and knowledge by completing an important management project within my own organization
Dr. Jack Kitts, EMBA 2001, President & CEO, The Ottawa Hospital