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6 Consulting Engagements to Build Your Experience

One of the features that makes the Telfer Executive MBA experience so unique and compelling is the Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects. These six compulsory projects extend the learning beyond the classroom and into a real-world environment. Candidates have the opportunity to work with client organizations providing support on a breadth of subjects in actual organizational growth and challenges.

We asked three alumni, who will be part of our upcoming panel to share how the real-world application of their skills, through these consulting projects, effectively transformed their capacity and competency.

The Potential:

There are many graduate degrees to consider when researching your options. The Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects is often one of the most significant reasons why candidates choose to apply to the Telfer Executive MBA:

Amanda was looking to gain experience and perspective outside of her specialization so that she could more confidently participate in broader, senior-level discussions and develop herself for a transition into the senior role within her organization, “The main attraction for me was the leadership and executive focus, as well as the international consulting engagements. It gave me a chance to put my new skills to the test in a live international context.”

For Michael it was looking at a career transition. He was mid-career and a purely academic education was not going to provide him with the skills he that wanted to achieve. “There was no question in my mind. The Telfer Executive MBA offered me the best of both worlds, classroom-based skills development and real-world experience.”

Andrew took the time to research his options and concluded that “It was the prestige of the Telfer Executive MBA program and real-life experiences from the Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects which appealed to me the most.”

The Strengths:

Candidates learn and apply many skillsets throughout the six increasingly complex consulting projects as well as benefit from them in many other aspects of their careers.

“The consulting engagement from these projects is different from anything I’ve ever experienced before. What is unique is that you are faced with new challenges from project to project, which can be intimidating, but you are facing them together as a team. It also acts as a safe environment where you can try new techniques and see what truly works.” Notes Andrew. 

Amanda agrees with about the practicality of the projects, “You get to learn what sticks and what doesn’t. This is very valuable. You are also being forced to apply your skills and that was a key part of the confidence building. I was able to see first-hand how the skills I was learning could be used and gain confidence in applying them outside of the program.”

As with most teams, Andrew had the opportunity see his team’s recommendations implemented in each of the consulting projects and he attributes it to the skills learned through the team environment.  “This is very impactful as it demonstrates when you work together as a team, you can accomplish great things.  Our team was quite diverse with backgrounds in engineering, information technology, marketing, corporate governance and consulting.  We found a way to work together, no matter what the challenge or obstacle and had a lot of fun doing it along the way." 

The Results:

Often the question asked about these projects is what is the impact?  Here are a few examples of the impact of the Summer Business Consulting Project:

Andrew: “The summer consulting project with my employer held the objective to understand the market potential for a new business segment and to create a business plan around it. The outcome of this project had the biggest impact on my career post-graduation. The market was identified, and the plan has been put into effect- we are currently one year into it. I gained exposure with our leadership team and the credibility I gained opened up the opportunity for me to manage our 3-year strategic planning process after graduation."

Michael: “When I first started work on by summer business consulting project, my client had no idea how to approach the problem. I was essentially given a clean slate for creativity, as well as full access to their resources. From that initial clean slate, the work I had done has now evolved into a massive $1.6 Billion CAD initiative over the next 20 years. How did it influence me? I proved not just to my clients but to myself that I could work at the most senior levels and achieve tangible results.”

Amanda: “My consulting project for my organization evaluated the Singapore as a market for increased sales of our products and to provide a marketing /operating strategy to adopt based on my findings. I was able to confirm market conditions were positive and provide meaningful strategies for the organization to implement that would enable them to maintain and grow their market-share in the region.”

Amanda also leveraged her summer consulting project as a platform for her team’s Business Strategy and International Consulting project.

The Career Impact:

Circling back to their reasons for pursuing the Telfer Executive MBA, each has grown and expanded their responsibilities and skillsets since graduating last spring.

Andrew grew within his organization and gained exposure to senior leaders within his organization, “Prior to the MBA, I felt isolated in and destined for average. I wanted to do great things but didn’t quite have the tools or confidence to act on it.  Post-graduation I have already lead the 3-year strategic planning project for my employer and recently presented that strategy to our CEO. “

For Michael, it lead to his career transition and passion for entrepreneurship, “Since graduation I have made a career change, started a business (and working on starting others), and worked with some of the best and brightest in various fields; something that I would never have expected to achieve, especially in this period of time. I have been able to achieve this because I know that I add value and that other can see this value in me. That is very powerful.”

Amanda changed roles within her organization and provided value back to her peers through three of her consulting projects, “The Program helped me to transition mid-program from a compliance role to Sales Manager with my organization. Additionally, I have a much better perspective of various stakeholder interests and I am better prepared to have those strategic and cross-organizational discussions.

Learn More about their Experiences

Join Amanda, Michael and Andrew along with other members of alumni who have driven value through their consulting engagements on February 7th at 5:30 p.m. Learn more about their experience with the Telfer Executive MBA and how they have leveraged their degree within their careers. 

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February 7, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

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