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How the Global, Practical & Relevant curriculum of the
Telfer Executive MBA continues to transform careers.

Click on the images of each alumni below to learn more about their roles before and after the program along with what they have to say about the Telfer Executive MBA Program's contribution to their professional growth.

Sophie Bolduc   Wade Haney  Kimberly Stone

Many things can change in a span of 21 months – the length of the Telfer Executive MBA program. For our graduates, this change comes from within themselves.

They’ve invested in the past 21 months by embracing in a comprehensive, real-world curriculum that focuses on leadership, teamwork and cross-cultural collaboration.

The Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects accelerated their learning by moving them into the real-environment, in real-time to actively engage and apply their skillset within client organizations and gain exposure within multiple sectors.

Through all of this, they not only expanded their knowledge and skills but also their comfort zone. The return on investment can be measured both personally and professionally.

It all begins at point zero when someone decides to invest in themselves.

For Julie, point-zero was a long time in the making “I had been evaluating a return to academics for almost a decade and came up with every excuse I could to defer a decision. In 2017 I said enough was enough and I did one final evaluation. After attending an evening panel event, and more specifically hearing about their “hands-on” approach through the six business consulting projects, I was hooked” 

Rob was looking for a way to differentiate himself and find the right program for him, “Being in sales is quite rewarding but I wanted more. I needed a program that would allow me the flexibility to continue to work while sharpening my skillset with relevant material and would benefit me in the years to come. It was an investment in my future”

Leveraging the program as a platform for personal and professional transformation

The general management, multi-disciplinary set up of the program creates a general platform for each candidate to pivot from their current state. The choice of which direction to pivot can be found or even changed from their initial idea, with in the curriculum's exposure to multiple industries and their new skillset. 

“When I started the program, I had no idea where my career would take me,” says Mia, “It has provided me with so many opportunities as a result.”

One of the biggest factors that transformed Mia’s future in her company was the Summer Business Consulting Project. “I did a business valuation for my company and as a direct result of the valuation, I was able to buy out the majority shareholder. The program gave me the confidence to become the majority owner and it gave me a roadmap of a business valuation tool.”

Julie went into the program with a good foundation in business, “I had a pretty good indication of what I wanted to do next; I came out of the program with a much different interpretation of my future potential and added courage to test new waters.

"The program strengthened my abilities to execute on existing projects more succinctly expanded my field of view and gave me the confidence to explore new grounds.” says Julie. She leveraged the program as a unique platform to work with different companies and see business through different lenses. "The projects were structured so that I became an extension of those companies' teams, and addressing their 'real-life' situations; this was an ideal marriage of theory and practice for me."

Rob describes the program as a catalyst to prepare him for his current C-level role.  “I am grateful for the strong skillset that I developed in the program which has enabled me to view and understand a business as an ecosystem. This holistic approach also gave me keen insight into how departments function and how I can influence outputs with the MBA toolkit.  This foundation provided my company with additional success in the years following my graduation while expanding my professional network. This program is a career game changer.”

Advise for those considering the program

From Julie: My belief is that your journey is a very personal one and thus no one is best equipped to tell you what to do or how to get there. There are many along the way that will try to divert your attention, guilt you onto a different path, or scare you into the status quo. If you are wanting to explore your full potential, you need to find a pathway that is encouraging and supportive – for me, I found this path with the Telfer Executive MBA.

From Rob: There is no magic tool to find your dream job. You have to look for it with or without an MBA. The skillset learned in the Telfer Executive MBA will help you to craft your offering and hone the tip of your spear to tactically manage where you need to end up as a career next step. But, this program requires 100% commitment to the program, your team and to yourself. Talk this decision over with your family, spouse, children and others in your support network. When you have your loved ones behind you, then you’re already off to a great start.

From Mia: I had always wanted to get my MBA but never found the time. I was 38, had just started a new business and had two small children at home when I enrolled. When I worked at a small start-up company, many people questioned my interest in an MBA- how would that help my career? But, I always looked upon my MBA as insurance. I instinctively knew it would be a key that continues to allow me to open many doors. 

Learn more about their experiences

Join Julie, Rob and Mia along with other members of alumni on March 7th at 5:30 p.m. Learn more about their experience with the Telfer Executive MBA and how they have leveraged their degree within their careers.


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The Telfer Executive MBA gave me the personal marketability and confidence I was looking for to take my career to the next step.
Kim Reynolds, EMBA 2007, Associate Director Enterprise Product Management, Bell Canada