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3 Ways That Telfer Executive MBA is Bringing Leadership Public

There are a variety of reasons why individual from the Public Sector choose to pursue their MBA degree. One of the underlying reasons for deciding to go back to school is to advance their career and this often requires a graduate degree for senior level positions- especially EX levels within the federal government.  But it is far more benefit than gaining the diploma. It is about the skills and experience that you will gain through your degree that will build the platform for your future career trajectory.

We asked three alumni, who will be part of our panel at the "Bringing Leadership Public" event on January 17, to discuss three of the outcomes of the Telfer Executive MBA that many alumni in the Public Sector consistently agree have raised their competency platforms: 

1. Confidence

Confidence plays a large role in the decisions you make and how people perceive your leadership and follow through with the decision.

Kami credits the Telfer Executive MBA program with giving her a new-found confidence. Kami says she wouldn't have been considered for the role had she not completed her MBA. Having the degree has served her well by rounding out her accounting designation, business skills, understanding the business language and teaching her to reflect on the intellectual side of decision-making.

"I definitely have a more critical eye especially in dealing with issues on strategy, managing people and seeking out efficiencies. These are all skills that I learned about in the program."

Dave echoes the emphasis on self-confidence.

"In terms of confidence, I wasn't a naturally confident person before I got into this program, but you get the skills here and you have the opportunity to practice them. It really gives you the opportunity and confidence to contribute in a different way that you would have before."

2. Transformation

The practical component of Telfer Executive MBA program allowed Dave to become more efficient and leverage frameworks and models to better prepare for new roles.

"The Telfer Executive MBA transformed my career, not just by helping me advance my career but by giving me the skills and tools to do my day-to-day work more efficiently. I am very proud of the career trajectory I've had since completing the program; CIO, Justice Canada and of Citizenship and Immigration Canada to Deputy CIO for Treasury Board before becoming ADM of Cloud Computing for Shared Services."

Building on a decade of private sector experience and over 16 years in the Public Sector, Paul also credits the Telfer Executive MBA with providing him the leadership and strategic thinking skills to succeed in such a complex and demanding environment.

3. Real-World Skills

The ability of readily transferring the strategic skills and models from the methodology in the classroom, to gaining the confidence of using these skills effectively through the Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects and then being able to take the back to your workplace provides return on investment that begins the day you walk into the classroom for both yourself and your organization.

"I think it is fantastic that the program hasn't changed it's tagline Global. Practical. Relevant."  I think there is only one course that I haven't applied yet.  The skills are immediately applicable. You went to class on Friday and on Monday you took what you learned and you were able to use it on the whiteboard [at work]. The reality was that it was relevant. I really do believe in those three words Global. Practical. Relevant" 

Learn More about their Experiences

Join Kami, Paul and Dave, along with other public service alumni on January 17th at 5:30 p.m. to learn more about their experience with the Telfer Executive MBA and how they have leveraged their degree within their careers. 

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Bringing Leadership Public
January 17, 2018, 5:30 p.m.

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The Telfer Executive MBA gave me the personal marketability and confidence I was looking for to take my career to the next step.
Kim Reynolds, EMBA 2007, Associate Director Enterprise Product Management, Bell Canada