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Women Driving Change

Nancy Desrosiers-HelmerChallenging Myself to Become a Better Leader 

A Complete Internal Analysis Confirmed This Alumna’s Career Aspirations

Following her nineteen year career in healthcare, Nancy Desrosiers, EMBA 2015 felt her career had plateaued. As an OR nurse, she was introduced to health administration early in her career and had moved her way into a Director role at a hospital.  Wanting to explore opportunities beyond the Director level, Nancy was fortunate to work for a progressive organization that permitted her time to dedicate to complete a Masters program. She knew she had a strong foundation clinically, but also knew to effectively lead at the next level, she needed to strengthen her business skills as a hospital administrator.  Having been exposed to other leadership courses offered at Telfer, she felt the Telfer Executive MBA program would be a perfect fit to fulfill her academic needs and professional growth.

Reflecting on her experience in the program, Nancy comments, “Doing the Executive MBA program was the best decision I have ever made. I loved the professors’ teaching style, and having current subject matter experts teaching the courses was such an asset.  The professors made the content interesting; adapted their teaching to support all learning styles, and provided tangible and concrete business life scenarios.” 

Nancy states that working in a group setting throughout the program wasn’t always easy, but so beneficial.  “You encounter different personality types, different management styles– everyone brings something very unique to the group. Each of the group members were at different stages of their professional careers as well as in their personal lives and this made things complicated to coordinate at times.  However, as I reflect on the experience I believe that it too, has contributed to my learning.  The experience taught me strategies to work in various environments with diverse personalities, conflicting agendas all the while working to meet aggressive timelines.”

For Nancy, the program did a lot of personal validation of her leadership skills; it validated things she was effectively doing well and highlighted areas where she needed to focus in order to move her career forward. She says “it’s a competitive market and being able to broaden your skills to other industries and expand your network opened so many more opportunities to be the effective leader I am today.  The professors, classmates and the staff help build your self- confidence throughout the program in order to prepare you for your next big leap.”

Upon completing her MBA, Nancy accepted an Executive Director position in Vancouver. The hospital that was undergoing its very first hospital-wide accreditation – 13 hospitals; all of its 15 communities and remote sites were undergoing this accreditation at the same time.  It was a complex project with a 7 month timeline. Nancy leveraged her new leadership qualities she had learned in the program to move it forward. The hospitals and its communities passed with overwhelming results of 94%. She achieved this success all the while learning a brand-new health system, a new province, a new organization and portfolio with one of the largest projects. 

She has now accepted a new challenge at Vancouver General Hospital in operations, as the Directors for Medicine Services, Renal, Hospitalist, and Palliative Care Programs.  The scope of this role will be even more challenging due to its size, complexity and diversity of care.  She now leads a team with over 700 employees, 300 beds, with over 100 M budget. The Telfer Executive MBA program has propelled her career forward and Nancy has every intention on continuing to move toward her career goal of Vice-President level and eventually taking on a President’s role.

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