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Where We Have Been


2017 Kuala Lumpur To identify market opportunities and build relationships for six Canadian organizations within the Malaysia, Singapore and other ASEAN countries.
2016 Shanghai To identify opportunities and build relationships for seven Canadian organizations within the Shanghai and greater Chinese market.
2015 Lima To identify opportunities and build relationships for seven Canadian organizations within the Peruvian market
2014 Guangzhou To build relationships and explore significant opportunities for seven Canadian organizations.
2013 Ho Chi Minh City To build relationships and networks for five Canadian organizations.
2012 Rio de Janeiro To experience and explore an emerging economy.
2011 Johannesburg To explore infrastructure and medial opportunities on behalf of Canadian organizations. 
2010 Chongqing To build linkages in an expanding market within China.
2009 Santiago To identify and solidify business opportunities within the Chilean market.
2008 Seoul To explore opportunities and partnerships in the emerging asian markets.
2007 Bangalore To investigate potential opportunities within the rapidly growing Indian economy.
2006 Shanghai To explore opportunities and partnerships in the booming Chinese economy.
2005 Warsaw To leverage Poland’s recent membership in the European Union as a gateway for trade.
2004 Singapore To build linkages and explore opportunities in this booming Asian economy.
2003 Bangkok Contingency plan invoked due to the SARS outbreak in South East Asia.
2002 Milan To pursue business opportunities of mutual interest to the Italian and Canadian governments.
2001 Sydney To explore Australia as a major gateway to Asia Pacific.
2000 Barcelona To investigate Spain’s potential as a springboard to the European Union.
1999 Dublin To explore opportunities due to the rapid growth of the Irish economy and its high-tech industry.
1998 Manila To pursue opportunities resulting from a “Team Canada” trade mission to the Philippines.
1997 Kuala Lumpur To pursue opportunities of Malaysia’s emergence as a high-tech hub of the Far East.
1996 Santiago To investigate opportunities as a result of Chile’s application to enter NAFTA.
1995 Hong Kong To explore Hong Kong as a major gateway to China.
1994 Prague To explore business opportunities after the fall of the Soviet Union.


“The Telfer Executive MBA opened my mind to new possibilities and helped me understand the language and nuances of Senior Management.”
Val Gamache-O'Leary, EMBA 2008, Director, Information Systems, The Ottawa Hospital