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Profile of Candidates

The diversity of candidates within a Telfer Executive MBA cohort allows you to learn not only from experienced faculty members but also from your fellow candidates. As a candidate, you provide a unique perspective to the classroom as you draw upon your professional and personal backgrounds.

A Telfer Executive MBA cohort works in a variety of organizations within private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Candidates range in age from 25 years to 60 years. A Telfer Executive MBA candidate averages 15 years of working experience.

The Program attracts candidates who are ambitious and who have clear objectives for their future as well as a commitment to both their career and personal success. These candidates are looking to further develop their lifework, to grow their network of contacts, and to strengthen their business competencies. Candidates recognize the value of the practical component of the Telfer Executive MBA Program, emphasizing the application of knowledge in real management settings specifically found through the Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects.

Do you have questions about whether you qualify for the Telfer Executive MBA Program? Send us a direct message or by telephone at (613) 564-9500 to personally discuss your qualifications.

A Typical Telfer Executive MBA Cohort

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Average class size 38 breakdown by sector breakdown by industry
breakdown by country average age of 28 and average work experience of 15
breakdown by average years of work experience average percentage of females and males breakdown of those admitted based on undergraduate degree vs. significant work experience
breakdown by age average age of 28 and average work experience of 15

“The Telfer Executive MBA opened my mind to new possibilities and helped me understand the language and nuances of Senior Management.”
Val Gamache-O'Leary, EMBA 2008, Director, Information Systems, The Ottawa Hospital