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Olivia Dorey

Job Title
Executive Vice-Chair
Why it Matters
Olivia Dorey

Tell us an interesting fact that we do not know about you Olivia, Do you have a unique talent or hobby?

I nearly pursued my unique talent as a career – in fact; I went so far as to move to France to train in it! I spent my sixteenth year living in Nice, France, studying operatic vocals and earning their State Diploma in the History of Jazz. That year, I experienced Seth Godin`s “Dip Theory” – I realized that I didn`t live and breathe for my art the way my peers did. I hope to find the “thing” that inspires me to become “number one”, but while I`m searching for it you still might catch me absent-mindedly singing a Gershwin standard.


There are many attractive qualities of the program experience. What are you looking forward to completing while in the Telfer Executive MBA Program?

I can hardly wait to get started on the Signature Series of Six Business Consulting Projects! While the faculty and accommodating schedule were significant, this feature is why I chose the Telfer Executive MBA program. I am looking forward to being able to point to the results my Team Sirius18 delivers to our clients as evidence of my capacities as a consultant. Besides – where else can you squeeze a Master’s degree AND two business consulting trips abroad into twenty-one months?


Is there any not-for-profit organizations or clubs which you support? What draws you to this cause?

Community work is my forte. I am fascinated by public good and find inspiration even in my dreariest days in Ottawa`s Impact Hub slogan: #DoGoodBetter. Two of my on-going contributions make me particularly proud; I`m leading the Canadian International Council National Capital Branch strategic review, and my financial literacy organization was recently admitted to Deloitte`s ACT Program. I`m a proud member of the WEF Global Shapers, Equal Voice, IPAC, and WCT. You can find me at events around town that deal with civic education and engagement and open government.

The knowledge acquired through the Telfer Executive MBA Program helped me address new challenges with much greater confidence and surpass the expectations of stakeholders.
Jim Orban, EMBA 1998, President and CEO, University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation