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Telfer Executive MBA Alumni Association AGM 2017 Election


2017 EMBA AA Nominations and Election Process

  1. The 2013 Constitution provides the Board with permission to form association ad hoc committees, including the ad hoc nominations committee. Accordingly, the current Board of Directors formally constituted a nominations committee composed of Allan Smith, Chair, Nominations Committee, Kimberly Stone, Marisa Fosco and Jennifer Hyland. 
    1. The mandate of the 2017 ad hoc nominations committee is to oversee the nomination of a slate of candidates, as well as the elections process regarding the election of five director positions at the June 1, 2017 Annual General Meeting.
    2. Upon completion of this task, the 2017 nominations committee will dissolve.
  2. Nominations
    1. Nominations submitted to the committee will close at the May 9th 2017 deadline.
    2. Nominations submitted from the floor of the Annual General Meeting will be accepted  under the following conditions:

i.The mover and seconder of the nomination from the floor must be present at the AGM;

ii.The nominee must be present at the AGM;

iii.The term of office for which the nominee is being nominated must be clearly specified (one year term to 2018 or a two year term to 2019;

iv.The nominee must confirm their desire and willingness to serve for the specified term of office.

  1. Four two-year director positions are slated for election to cover the terms spanning 2017 – 2019. The nominees submitted to date are :
    1. Allan Smith
    2. Andrew Wright
    3. Marie-Josée Lévesque
    4. Kyle Taplay
  2. Three directors can complete the second year of a two year term from 2016 – 2018 and so are not up for election:
    1. Kimberly Stone
    2. Lisa McDonnell
    3. Taylor Bildstein
  3. One one-year director position is slated for election in order to complete the second year term of a resigned 2016-2018 director.  The nominees submitted to date for this position to serve for 2017-2018 are:
    1. Pino Dicorato
    2. Martin Chartrand
    3. Tim Warland
  1. Biographies of the all nominating committee nominees will be posted on-line in advance of the AGM.
  2. The election process will be conducted by the Chair, Nominations Committee of the Board of Directors.
    1. Registration of alumni by name and year of graduation:

i.Registration will take place between 5:15 and 5:45 PM.

ii.A list of voters will be compiled. Each voter will be given election ballots.

  1. The procedure for the election of Directors is as follows. The Chair, Nominations Committee will:
    1. Declare the electoral process open;
    2. Read the Report of the nominations committee [slate];
    3. Explain conditions for nominations from the floor;
    4. Call for nominations from the floor;

i.The call will be made three times before declaring the nomination closed.  

  1. In the event the number of nominees is less than or equal to the number of open positions, the Chair, Nominations Committee will register one vote on behalf of the nominations committee representing all Alumni and declare the nominees acclaimed.
  2. In the event of more nominations than available positions, elections will be held accordingly.

i.Election of the one (1) 2016-2018 Director position to complete the 2016-2018 term of a resigned Director:

  1. Ballots will be preprinted with the name of the 2016-2018 nominee and spaces for additional nominations from the floor to be written in.
  2. Ballots will be distributed

ii.Election of the four (4) 2017-2019 Directors:

  1. Ballots will be preprinted with the names of the 2017-2019 nominees and spaces for additional nominations from the floor to be written in.

iii.The names of all candidates will be posted (either on the board or on a flip chart).

  1. In the event of a vote [rather than by acclamation] candidates will be given 1 minute to speak to their motivation for running for office emphasizing:
    1. The capabilities they bring to the position; and
    2. Their goals and objectives.
  2. When all candidates have spoken, the vote will take place, and
    1. Scrutinisers will collect and count the ballots
  3. The Chair, Nominations Committee will indicate that results of any election will be announced at the conclusion of the meeting.
  4. The Chair, Nominations Committee will then declare the electoral process complete and return the lectern to the Chair of the 2017 AGM.

2017 EMBA AA Resolutions

The following Resolution is put forward to the Annual General Meeting assembly for a vote:  To pass, the motion requires a majority (at least 50% plus 1 vote) of the votes cast to be in favor of the motion.

Motion, made by Allan Smith, seconded by Marisa Fosco, to amend clause 16 of the current EMBA alumni association constitution to allow volunteer board members to serve six consecutive years before taking a year off instead of four consecutive years:

Current Clause 16:

Alumni serving on the Board of Directors, other than the Executive MBA Program Director who may also be an alumnus, may be elected for no more than two consecutive two-year terms on the Board of Directors at which time a full one year must pass before they may be elected to once again serve on the Board of Directors.

Proposed Wording of Clause 16:

Alumni serving on the Board of Directors, other than the Executive MBA Program Director who may also be an alumnus, may be elected for no more than three consecutive two-year terms on the Board of Directors at which time a full one year must pass before they may be elected to once again serve on the Board of Directors.

Ballot for June 1, 2017:

Elect 1 Director to complete the final year of one (1) 2016-2018 directorship

  • Name                                  
  • Pino Dicorato                                 
  • Martin Chartrand                            
  • Tim Warland                                     
  • ______________________           
  • ______________________           
  • ______________________           
  • ______________________          
  • ______________________           

(In the lines provided above, please add in the name (s) of those nominated from the floor, and place an X in the box adjacent the one director you prefer)

Elect 4 Directors to serve a two-year term beginning in 2017 and ending in 2019.

  • Name                            __
  • Allan Smith                                       
  • Andrew Wright                                                                                                  
  • Marie-Josée Lévesque                   
  • Kyle Taplay                    
  • ______________________        
  • ______________________         

(In the lines provided above, please add in the name (s) of those nominated from the floor and place an X in the box adjacent the four directors you prefer)

Vote for or against the resolution to amend Clause 16 of the EMBA AA Constitution to permit Board members to serve 6 consecutive years instead of 4

Motion, made by Allan Smith, seconded by Marisa Fosco, to amend clause 16 of the current EMBA alumni association constitution to allow volunteer board members to serve six consecutive years before taking a year off instead of four consecutive years:

  • In Favor                             
  • Opposed                          


Biographies of Nominations Received

Martin Chartrand, EMBA 2017
IT/IS Director chez Hôpital Général de Hawkesbury & District General Hospital

Martin is a Telfer Executive MBA 2017 candidate who has been a member of the student council, serving and supporting his cohort for the past twenty-one months. He spent the last 24 years of his professional life in healthcare and the last 5 years as an IT Director. Over the years, he served his community in volunteering for the Hawkesbury General Hospital Foundation and as member of the parent council for L’École secondaire Le Sommet for 4 years. He is a committed and dependable person that never shies away from efforts necessary to fulfill its mandate. One of his strongest traits is building quality relationships. Martin is excited about the possibility of being part of the alumni executive committee which would allow him to stay connected with the Telfer School, and continue to contribute and share with the alumni that have lived through the same experiences he has. He wishes to continue to support his fellow alumni as much as he has supported his cohort.

Pino Dicorato, EMBA 2016
Business Development Manager, Consulting at Nokia Corporation

Pino Dicorato is currently working at Nokia as a Business Development Manager in the IP and Optical Networking market segment. His responsibilities include competitive analysis, customer engagement, pricing strategies, and network communication infrastructure transport design for clients in Canada. His responsibilities are focused on working with a multi-disciplinary geographical team such as program management, account teams, product line management and finance to create the solutions needed for the client. His former background was in various types of engineering positions, including digital design, optics, hardware and software development. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Ottawa and is a graduate from the Executive MBA program from the Telfer School of Management of 2016 cohort. He has a loving wife Shanna, a loving daughter Giorgia, and loves to play sports and both watch and volunteer in musical theatre. He aspires to continue expanding his experiences in executive roles and seeks to do so by contributing to the Alumni Board of Directors for the Executive MBA program. He has served as a Volunteer Manager of the Telfer EMBA Alumni Association for the past one year.

Marie-Josée Lévesque, EMBA 2017
President, IMTransformation

Marie-Josée is an information management professional with over 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors. Her experience includes working on large-scale projects and building an information management program for an international real estate investment platform, Oxford Properties. Post-program, she intends to pivot her information governance consulting practice towards management consulting with a strong focus on strategy, leadership and change management. Her professional passions include: leadership and high performing teams, international work, and change management. In 2006, Marie-Josée and her husband travelled 10,000 km on bicycle (the pedal kind) over the course of eight months. This trip opened a new path in her life: fearlessness; the perfect preparation for the Executive MBA Program. Through the Executive MBA Program, she came to realize the importance of the Alumni network and the role of the Alumni Association. As she gets ready to join this network of Alumni, it is her wish to give back to the Telfer community and contribute to the visibility and reputation of the School.

Allan Smith, EMBA 1997
President, A. J. Smith Project Management & Consulting Inc.

Allan Smith has a B.Sc. from Carleton University and is a graduate of the Executive MBA Class of 1997. After a distinguished Information Technology career with SHL Systemhouse Inc., EDS Canada Inc. and Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co., Mr. Smith launched A. J. Smith Project Management & Consulting Inc. in 2013 in order to provide clients with expertise, knowledge and assistance in delivering their business and project initiatives. He has experience delivering large, business transformation initiatives including five Major Crown Projects for the Government of Canada. He is married with three children and two grandchildren. He is an avid runner (including three marathons) and enjoys astronomy, golf, kayaking and family time at the cottage. He has previously served on the board of directors for his community and local sports associations in various capacities, including President, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary. He has served as Secretary of the Telfer Executive MBA Alumni Association for the past two years

Kyle Taplay, EMBA 2017
IM/IT Business Strategy & Execution

Kyle is an IM/IT business relationship manager at Canadian Blood Services where he is an advisor to the CIO and senior management. The former VP of consulting services at CSDC Systems, he was responsible for enterprise case management solution delivery and technical services on 100+ government contracts across Canada and the US. He has 15+ years’ experience in private sector software client-facing roles in which he holds academic and professional qualifications. Kyle lives in Ottawa with his wife, Bhavna, and their infant son.

Tim Warland P. Eng, MBA, EMBA 2004

Tim Warland is a Professional Engineer and graduate of the EMBA class of 2004. Tim has been heavily involved in the start-up community in Ottawa taking advantage of disruptive technology for almost thirty years. He lives at the leading edge of customer engagement at the leading edge of technology.

Ottawa is a small city that makes incredible contributions to the Canadian economy and technology innovation across the globe. Tim has a passion for the development of eco-systems that create a larger impact than small companies are able to make on their own producing outcomes with net benefit to the Canadian economy. If elected to the EMBA alumni association, Tim would pursue his passion for engagement to create a larger impact for the alumni than they could individually.

Andrew Wright P.Eng, EMBA 2017
Services Manager & Field Engineer, Swagelok Central Ontario


Andrew is employed at Swagelok Central Ontario in the capacity of Services Manager and Field Engineer where he is responsible for managing a dynamic team of draftsman and technicians who design and fabricate the highest quality assemblies, panels and enclosures that are built in accordance with the most stringent standards in the market. Whether his clients have preliminary drawings or just the glimmer of an idea, Andrew combines his strong engineering skills and business acumen to form collaborative relationships with his clients to help produce reliable, professional, and repeatable solutions. Andrew joined the Telfer Executive MBA Program in 2015 to learn the business skills he requires to succeed in the Swagelok corporate world and is looking forward to graduating in 2017.

 Agenda- Alumni General Meeting

5:30 PM            Sign in and Refreshments
5:45                 Call to Order – Annual General Meeting
                        Allan Smith
5:45 5:50          President’s Report
                        Board Members Reports - Treasurer & Events - Communications and Social Media -

                        Marisa Fosco Kimberly Stone Mirella Athanassiadis Taylor Bildstein Pino Dicorato
5:55                 Telfer Executive MBA Program Update
                        Sophia Leong
6:05                 Report of the Nominations Committee and Election of Directors
                        Allan Smith
                             - Open nominations from the floor
                             - Close of nominations
                             - Nominees’ minutes
                              - Election of one 2017-2018 Director (1-year term)
                              - Election of four 2017-2019 Directors (2-year term)
6:25               Vote on Resolution to amend constitution clause 16
                      Allen Smith
                              - Collection of ballots
6:26               Break

6:35               Guest Speaker- Dr. Jack Kitts
7:05               Q&A session with Dr. Jack Kitts
7:15               Election Results, Final Remarks and Thanks, Close of AGM
                      Marisa Fosco
7:25               Refreshments

The Program offers the hands-on experience of working in international markets. The two international trips gave us a chance to apply our knowledge in a real life global environment.
Jeff Bardsley, EMBA 2011, National Business Manager, HEAD Canada Inc.