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Genevieve Laplante's Professional PortraitCongratulations to Genevieve Laplante, EMBA 2014, on her new role as Director of Customer Experience at Minto.

"Becoming the new Director of Customer Experience at Minto was made possible because of the strategic thinking skills I've developed throughout my MBA and the experience I've obtained from working in different industries.  

As I started the Telfer Executive MBA, my goal was to use this program as a platform to propel myself into a new career. During this Executive MBA program, I have achieved just that. I have expanded my network in a much broader scope than I ever thought possible. Being part of this Program and a winning team made me realize that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to because I have the drive to do so and a circle of connections to tap into whenever I need to.

This is a great opportunity [at Minto] and it is in part due to the skills and network I've developed throughout my Telfer Executive MBA journey."

Posted: July 8, 2015

Working together as a team...extended the value far beyond academic knowledge. The synergy achieved within the team fostered the development of the fundamental principles for success in any organization.
Heidi Vincent, EMBA 1999, Owner, GreenLane Communications