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Alumni on the Move

Alumni of the Telfer School of Management are in constant motion, moving up the corporate ladder and engaging themselves in the entrepreneurial world. We like to keep up-to-date on the current status of our graduates and their achievements. If you have an appointment or an announcement please forward it to

Angela Mondou, B.Adm '85 Christine Allison, CA, B.Com '82 Christine Kwasse Dean Philos Award Winner - Brian Radburn, BAdm 1981, BCom 1982 Dean Philos Award Winner - Charles Bordeleau (BAdm 1984) Dean Philos Award Winner- Mimi Lowi-Young, CEO, Local Health Integration Network Dean’s Philos Award - Marc Jolicoeur (B.Adm 1975) Eugène Tassé Gaétan Caron, MBA '87 Guy Jason Jacqueline H.R. Le Saux (MBA ‘79) Jaswinder Kaur, Class of 1995 Lucie Mercier-Gauthier Marc Jolicoeur (BAdm 1975) Marc LeBoutillier Mark R. Bruneau, B. Com ’82, Mary-Ann Massad, B.Com '85 Matthew Joseph Keshwah (BCom 03) Sean MacDonald Trudeau Medal Winner - Jean Desgagne (B.Com 1986) Trudeau Medal Winners - Charles-Antoine St-Jean, BCom, 1976 Trudeau Medal Winners - David S. Logan (BCom 1980) Trudeau Medal Winners - Derek Beckley (MHA 1978) Trudeau Medal Winners - Gérald R. Savoie (MHA 1977) Trudeau Medal Winners - Janet Leblanc, Cert. 1984, MBA 1990 Trudeau Medal Winners - John King, MHA 1979 Trudeau Medal Winners - Linda Eagen (EMBA 2002) Trudeau Medal Winners - Lynda Partner (BCom 1983) Trudeau Medal Winners - Mark Cullen (B.Adm 1963) Trudeau Medal Winners - Micheal L. Burch (B.Adm. 1978) Trudeau Medal Winners - Randy Penney (MHA 1982) Trudeau Medal Winners - Warren Bell (BAdm 1981, BCom 1982) Young Achiever Awards - Nick Quain (B.Com 1993) Young Achiever's Award - Carl Nappert (BCom 1998) Young Achiever's Award - Emmanuel Florakas (B.Com 1995), (IMBA 1997) Young Achiever's Award - Frédéric Michel, MBA 2004 Young Achiever's Award - Mona Fortier (MBA 1998)