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Winter 2017 Michel Cloutier Competition (33rd edition - Winter)

students standing together holding a large cheque
On April 4th 2017, the Telfer School hosted the latest edition of the Michel Cloutier Case Competition. This term, the title sponsor was the Capital’s Driving Force; a vehicle dealership group located in Ottawa with 8 dealerships. The students were mandated to look at the current marketing plan and provide a new marketing strategy to attract customers to their dealerships. The guidelines were specific: the groups had to concentrate on a digital and online advertising strategy. They also needed to create either one overall strategy for all dealerships to follow or two strategies: one for mainstream dealers and one for luxury dealers. 
After hearing all three marketing pitches, the judges deliberated and decided that Team 2 made the best proposal and was awarded first place. Congratulations to Lucas Cho, Kayla De Jourdan, Stefanie El-Beyourti, Minas Habib and Liz Tong!
The winning team members found the Michel Cloutier Case Competition to be an insightful experience. Liz is a 4th year student who switched from Finance to Marketing in her 3rd year since she liked expressing her creativity. Her experience with this case competition made her realize that hard work does pay off. She said, “My experience at Telfer has been rewarding and looking back at everything I have learned with all the friends I have made, I realized that I made the right choice in switching into marketing as it was the right fit for me”. Another group member, Stefanie, enjoyed the class and the case competition since it allowed her to use all the knowledge she had learned in the past four years. For her, this experience was incredibly rewarding since her group had worked so hard on this project – spending approximately 100 hours on the project. Stefanie said that they practiced the presentation so many times that she could recite it in her sleep. Lucas also believes that the team’s hard work and perseverance is what helped them win first place. He also mentions that hearing such positive feedback from his peers, faculty members, the judges and the client felt like the ultimate reward for all of the team’s hard work. As Lucas’ says, “Serving as the perfect transition between school and real world marketing, our success in this competition reassured me that I am headed down the right path, and I am eager to see what's in store for the future”.
Congratulations to the two other teams who presented their marketing strategy in front of the panel of judges. Team 1: Nicoals Le, Daria Shakov, Markus Sinnhube, Sophie Tremblay and Team 3: Evan Brown, Laura Castellani, Sanya Chen, Victoria Falle, Evan Kung, Rose Sanths.