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Ben Amor, Sarah

Ben Amor, Sarah

Associate Professor
B.A. (UQO), M.Sc. (uLaval), Ph.D. (uLaval)
DMS 7123
613-562-5800 x 4909
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Research Areas
  • Aide multicritère en contexte d'incertitude
  • Imperfections de l'information
  • Langages de modélisation
  • Management Information Systems
  • Opérations et aide à la décision


Professor Ben Amor holds an MSc and a PhD in business administration, specializing in operations and decision support. Her research looks mainly at information imperfections, the modelling languages associated with them, how they are treated in multi-criteria analysis and the related treatment of additional information. Her expertise in model building and uncertainties associated with multi-criteria analysis has benefited various R&D projects for Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier, particularly with regards to risk analysis.

Publications during the last 7 years

Papers in Refereed Journals

Ben Amor, S., Zaras, K. and Aguayo Garcia, E. 2017. The Value of Additional Information in Multicriteria Decision Making Choice Problems with Information Imperfections. Annals of Operations Research, 253(1): 61-76.

Frini, A. and Ben Amor, S. 2017. Making Decisions in Sustainable Development Context: Proposal of a Temporal Approach. Computational Economics.

Ben Amor, S., Martel, J.M. and Guitouni, A. 2016. A Multicriteria Risk Measure in a Military Context: Application to the Commander's Advisory System for Airspace Protection Case. International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management, 19(3): 194-213.

Ben Amor, B., Martel, J.M. and Guitouni, A. 2015. A Synthesis of Information Imperfection Representations for Decision Aid. INFOR, 53(2): 68-77.

Ben Amor, S. and Martel, J.M. 2014. A New Distance Measure Including the Weak Preference Relation: Application to the Multiple Criteria Aggregation Procedure for Mixed Evaluations. European Journal of Operational Research, 237(3): 1165-1169.

Lajili, K. and Ben Amor, S. 2014. Exploring the Risk Tolerance in the Gold Industry: An Empirical Study. International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management, 1(1): 12-23.

Doloreux, D., Chamberlin, T. and Ben Amor, S. 2013. Modes of Innovation in the Canadian Wine Industry. International Journal of Wine Business Research, 25(1): 6-26.

Ben Amor, S. and Martel, J.M. 2013. Processing Additional Information in a Multiple Criteria Context with Mixed Evaluations: Including the Weak Preference relation. International Journal of MultiCriteria Decision Making, 3(4): 362-380.

Abdennadher, H., Boujelben, M.A. and Ben Amor, S. 2013. An extension of PROMETHEE with Evidential Evaluations. Journal of Information Technology Review, 4(3): 115-125.

Ben Amor, S. and Mareschal, B. 2012. Integrating Imperfection of Information into the PROMETHEE Multicriteria Decision Aid Methods: A General Framework. Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences, 37(1): 9-23.

Funded Research during the last 7 years

Funded Research during the last 7 years
From-To Source Title * ** Role Amount
2014-2015 Telfer School of Management Research Fund (SMRF) Décision robuste dans une modélisation multicritère R I PI $ 6,000
2013 IBM CBAP Managing Clinical Handover Process for Cardiology Patients using Business Process Management R I PI $ 5,000
2008-2013 NSERC L'impact d'une information additionnelle dans une modélisation multicritère face aux imperfections de l'information R C PI $ 85,000
2008-2010 Telfer School of Management Research Fund (SMRF) Towards Building a Risk Tolerance Measure for the Gold Mining Industry R I Co-PI $ 4,000

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**Type= C: Granting Councils, G: Government, F: Foundations, I: UO Internal Funding, O: Other, U: Unknown

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