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Silicon Valley Blog 6: Lessons Learned in the Valley

Telfer Executive MBA Class of 2019 arrived in San Francisco at the beginning of the week with an idea of what we could expect based on our conversations with alumni, through our peers who have work-related experiences in the Valley and through learnings from our first year at the Telfer Executive MBA program. It is only after experiencing San Francisco for a short few days that we began to appreciate what the city truly has to offer.  Read more ›

Silicon Valley Blog 5: What Ottawa can learn from Silicon Valley

CTV news reported in May 2017 that analysts at Expert Market had ranked Ottawa the top tech hub in Canada. The report listed quality of living, salary averages, available tech jobs and tech diversity as the main considerations in their assessment.  Read more ›

Silicon Valley Blog 4: Change Management and Leveraging our Network

We had a key lesson in leadership today: agility and change management. Consistent to the pulse of Silicon Valley, schedules and plans can change quickly and that means a quick pivot in a new direction.  This was never as evident as in the events leading to today’s presentations.  Our scheduled visits to two prominent companies was disrupted due to travel of our presenters who were delayed in Europe.  Aligning with the saying “it is not the strongest or the smartest but the most adaptable that will survive”, we swiftly changed gears and made the best of the situation.  Read more ›

Silicon Valley Blog 3: Visits to Berkeley and Google

At 8 a.m. we were off to Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator of the University of California where we met an enthusiastic and informed Bree Cahill, Director of Partnerships at SkyDeck.  She introduced us to the SkyDeck program that was created by UC Berkeley to support innovation and start-ups affiliated with their University.  SkyDeck’s method combines the know-how of traditional accelerators with the access to the vast resources of the University.   Since launching in 2012, they’ve supported 150 start-ups, known as Skyteams, through 118 advisors and 27 partners.   Read more ›

Silicon Valley Blog 2: Nurturing Innovation and Start-ups in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is an open innovation system that promotes knowledge and network sharing to further solidify Silicon Valley’s premier position of an innovative business model and wealth creation.  The cohort had a front row seat to three ‘veterans’ that shared their insights and perspectives on how Silicon Valley nurtures an innovative environment that spurs disruptive technologies and companies.  Read more ›

Silicon Valley Blog 1: Let the Experience Begin

What a start to the Class of 2019’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business Consulting Trip to Silicon Valley!  Read more ›

Candidates in front of Google

Silicon Valley Blog 1: Let the Experience Begin  Read more ›

As a challenging and rewarding week draws to a close here in the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, the Class of 2018 finally has the time to reflect on what an incredible journey these past 21 months has been. The first session of the Business Mathematics Preparation Workshop in the summer of 2016 literally feels like it was yesterday and yet so much has transpired for us, both personally and professionally, since that first indoctrination to the program.  Read more ›

By Team Arcturus: Jon Faulkner, Gillian Fischer, Binder Khangura, Louise Ouellette-Bolduc, Stephane Raby, Megan Ryder-Burbidge  Read more ›

International Business Consulting Trip 2018: A Consulting Engagement in Vietnam

The transformation of the Vietnamese market through the economic reforms of Doi Moi in the 1980s has catapulted the economy into rapid growth, stabilizing at 5-7% growth over the last seven years. Read more ›

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