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University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management Executive MBA annual class trip to the Silicon Valley

Telfer Executive MBA Class in Silicon Valley 2016: Student Blog

Teams from the Telfer Executive MBA Class of 2017 wrote about their experiences in Silicon Valley as a part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business Consulting Trip which took place from May 14 - 20, 2016. Read more ›


Donors Matter - Alumni Week

James Yersh (BCom 1996), Chief Financial Officer at Blackberry and 2016 Donor of the year, speaks at the Telfer Alumni Breakfast in November 2015. Read more ›


Alumni Week - Patrice Marceau, MBA 1985

Giving can take many forms. Contributing money to an organization or cause is the most obvious, but giving time and talent can be just as valuable. When Alain Doucet—the Telfer School’s vice dean—asked me as a Telfer alumnus how I could help the school achieve a number of goals in Hong Kong, I was happy to volunteer my professional expertise to devise a structure for a presence for our school in Hong Kong. Read more ›


Alumni Week - André Cardinal, BCom 1969

I give to the Telfer School for two simple reasons. First, I consider myself privileged. I come from humble beginnings and I appreciate having had the opportunity to attend university. It’s made a real difference in my life and therefore it’s only right for me to give a little back and share with the less fortunate and others from humble beginnings. It’s become a habit and I’m glad I can do it. Read more ›


Alumni Week - Gabriel Bouchard-Phillips, BCom 2005

I believe in paying it forward. While a Telfer BCom student, I relied on several scholarships. This support not only helped ease the financial burden of a university education, but it also made me a better student by enabling me to focus on my studies and experience the fullness of life at the Telfer School—the classes, clubs, competitions, community and comradeship. Now that I’ve graduated and enjoyed some professional success, I want to ensure other Telfer students can benefit from those same experiences. Read more ›


James Yersh

Alumni Week - James Yersh, BCom 1996

Giving makes sense to me for many reasons. Most of all, I have the means to give; and when anyone does, they should give to help others. It doesn’t necessarily mean financially. You can also contribute your time, your expertise, or whatever else you have that people can benefit from. Giving to the Telfer School is especially sensible and important to me: the school gave me the tools I needed to get where I am now. Read more ›


winners of the accounting capstone standing in front of a branded backdrop with their prize cheque.

Accounting Capstone Results (Winter 2016)

Each year, students in the 4th-year class Case Studies in Accounting (ADM 4340) participate in a case competition in which they analyze a real company and report on accounting issues being faced by the company. Read more ›


winners of the finance capstone standing with their professor in front of a branded backdrop.

Finance Capstone Results (Winter 2016)

Each year, students in the 4th-year Equity Valuation class (ADM 4350) take part in a case competition in which they estimate the value of a real company and propose recommendations to improve performance. Read more ›


Students holding a plaque

4th year BCom students participate in a strategy simulation

From March 18 to 20, 4th-year students from the bachelor of commerce participated in the Intopia Strategy Simulation. This competition was created as a component of the 4th-year Strategic Management class.  Read more ›


Group of people attending a presentation

Next Offering of the Leadership Development Intensive Announced

We are now accepting registrations for the second offering of the "LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVE - THE INNER WORK OF LEADERSHIP”. Read more ›