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What counts as relevant evidence? Physicians disagree

Providing physicians with evidence from scientific publications when they need it may be the gold standard in evidence-based medicine, but there is a problem. Clinicians do not necessarily agree on what evidence is most useful to them at the point of care to manage a patient. Read more ›


Magda Donia

Laws of attraction: We respond more favourably to altruistic leadership

Acclaim for altruistic leaders abounds. A 2015 survey of millennials by Deloitte found that 75 percent of millennials believe businesses are too fixed on their agendas and not focused enough on helping to improve society. There’s increasing attraction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) deemed genuine, says Magda Donia, an assistant professor at the Telfer School of Management. The trend underscores, from an organizational behaviour perspective, that “motives matter” (real and attributed), professor Donia explained in an interview. Read more ›


Craig Kuziemsky

Building better health information systems

Increasing complexity and costs put the health system on an uncertain trajectory. In a context of workforce pressures and increased need for services, where will the next advances in care delivery come from? One answer is health information technology (HIT), long expected to be a key driver of improvements in patient care delivery and healthcare transformation.

But behind this optimistic view of technology lies a troubling reality: stories of negative outcomes from HIT implementation are legion. The Telfer School’s Craig Kuziemsky says communication issues, creation of new or more work, and even adverse events such as medical errors are so habitual at the implementation stage that some are left to wonder if HIT will ever deliver on its promise. Read more ›


Paula Sauveur

Part-time professor Paula Sauveur publishes book on Ethics and Professional Deontology in Engineering

Part-time Professor Paula Sauveur has recently published a new book entitled Ethics and Professional Deontology: Laws and Regulations in Engineering (Thomson Reuters). Read more ›


A First-Ever "Business History Day" at Telfer

Scholars explored “why history matters” in the context of business studies on March 4, drawing an audience of 50 to Telfer, including professors, students, entrepreneurs, and civil servants. Read more ›


HEC Montreal team

First annual Diversity and Inclusion MBA Case Competition hosted by Telfer

(From left to right: Carl Burlock, Export Development Canada; HEC team, Ben Mansoura, Amandine Michaud, Niki Parassidis, Abdelghani Zniber; Michel Brazeau, Deloitte) Read more ›



First Global Watson Analytics Case competition launched

Co-chairs William Yeoh (Deakin University, Melbourne) and Gregory Richards (Telfer School of Management), in collaboration with Randy Messina from IBM in Chicago, host the first annual Global Watson Analytics Case competition, with 130 teams from 33 universities participating.  Read more ›


Robyn Smith and Dean Julien

Co-Op program's 40,000th student

This winter, the University of Ottawa's Co-operative Education Programs achieved the milestone of placing its 40,000th student. Read more ›


Qui Chen

Getting to the bottom of financial disclosure issues in the not-for-profit sector

Professor Qiu Chen has just published research examining a key transparency issue in the nonprofit sector: to increase opportunities for donations, some managers misreport fundraising and/or administrative expenses as program expenses. Read more ›



Telfer Executive MBA Class in Silicon Valley: Student Blog

On May 9, 2015 candidates from the Class of 2016 travelled to Silicon Valley as a part of Telfer Executive MBA's Innovation and Entrpreneurship Trip and Consulting Project.  Read more ›