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Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management

The Graduate Diploma is an ideal solution if you are an active and experienced professional looking to quickly upgrade your skills with a balanced study schedule that combines evening and weekend courses. Our diploma in Leadership and Management can be completed in one year (3 terms) and allows students to understand the strategic importance of human resources management and develop their management and leadership skills to improve their organizational performance.

The courses completed in the diploma will count toward the Telfer MBA should you choose to pursue that degree afterwards.

Note that the courses in the diploma are the same as those offered in the MBA program. The Graduate Diploma has the same admission criteria, course schedule, and regulations as the MBA program. 

Leadership and management

  • ADM6260  Project Management I (1.5 units)
  • MBA5330  Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management (3 units) 
  • MBA5235  Management Skills I (1.5 units)        
  • MBA5236  Leadership and management (1.5 units)        
  • MBA5237  Change Management (1.5 units)        
  • MBA5260  World of the General Manager (1.5 units) 
  • MBA5265  Performance Management (1.5 units)        
  • MBA5211  Corporate Governance and Ethics (1.5 units)        
  • MBA629X  Elective (1.5 units)         

Program Structure

Program Structure
Term 1 (Fall)  
Course Title Course Code
Management Skills I MBA5235
Leadership and Management   MBA5236
The World of the General Manager  MBA5260
Corporate Governance and Ethics MBA5211
Program Structure
Term 2 (Winter)  
Course Title              Course Code                 
Change Management MBA5237
Performance Management MBA5265
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management  MBA5330
Program Structure
Term 3 (Summer)  
Course Title Course Code
Project Management                      ADM6260
Elective (1.5 units) MBA629X

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