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Welcome to the Telfer School of Management

We are pleased to welcome you to the MBA and MHA programs of the Telfer School of Management. Whether you are a full-time or part-time MBA/MHA student, you will be faced with new and exciting challenges and will develop key managerial skills and competencies.

The Telfer master's programs aim to prepare students for positions of responsibility in business and government, and to effectively cope with a wide variety of challenges in the business community. Our programs focus on the management of high performance, both on the domestic and international scene, which has become a corner stone for an effective and successful business.


Financial Matters

Tuition fees

Visit the University of Ottawa website for details on the MBA and MHA tuition fees. Note that the tuition fees for the spring/summer term will only be known next April. They are normally the same as the winter term except for the incidental fees.

Estimated MHA Detailed Cost for Entering Students

Payment of tuition Fees by an employer

If your employer is responsible for the payment of your tuition fees, you need to inform InfoService before the deadline of the payment. The bill will then be mailed to your place of employment.

Late Fees

Enrolment must be completed by the deadline dates or a charge of $50 will apply. Should the payment also be late an additional charge of $35 plus $10/day will apply for a maximum of $100. Online banking is possible for those who prefer. Payment by cash or checks is handled by InfoService. Please allow between 3 to 10 working days, depending on the method of payment, for confirmation of payment to appear on uoZone.

Delinquent Financial Account

Tuition and incidental fees must be paid prior to the beginning of each term (not block). Any outstanding fees (unpaid tuition fees, late library fees, etc) will prevent enrolment for the next term, obtaining official documents such as official transcripts, confirmation of enrolment, etc.

Medical and Dental Fees

All University of Ottawa students must have medical and dental coverage. You may be exempted of these fees if you are already covered by another plan. To be exempted, you will need to contact the Graduate Students' Association (GSAÉD) and provide proof of coverage.

Books and related material

Approximately $2000 should be allocated towards the cost of books and other material during the course of your program. We also strongly recommend the use of a laptop computer.


Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and awards which are available throughout the year, but mostly in the fall. A list of available scholarships and the eligibility criteria are available on uoZone or the MBA and MHA websites. Scholarships are deposited into the student account once the enrolment is completed. Any problems should be addressed to the Telfer Graduate Office as soon as possible.


The Telfer School of Management has a number of teaching, research, marker and proctor positions for full-time students. Priority is given to full-time graduate students as per the Collective Agreement for T.A. and R.A. See the Telfer web page Positions for Students for further details.

A word of caution: given the intensive nature of the program, full-time MBA and MHA students should be careful not to take on too much. Deliverables are often due at the same period of time for undergraduate and graduate students. Priority must be given to your studies.

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