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Vusal Babashov

Babashov VusalVusal is a PhD student in Management, in the Health Systems specialization, under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Patrick. He obtained his BS in Industrial Engineering at Qafqaz University, a MS degree in Industrial Engineering at University of Pittsburgh and a MS degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics with a focus on Health Economics at Western University. While studying at Western University, Vusal wrote his master’s thesis on Economic Evaluation of Brentuximab Vedotin for Persistent Hodgkin Lymphoma under the supervision of Professor Greg Zaric of the Ivey Business School.

His research interests broadly lie in the healthcare operations research domain. His current research work includes designing an optimal drug formulary and reducing patient wait times at Canadian healthcare facilities. He is also interested in exploring optimal advanced schedules in a multi-resource and multi-class healthcare setting. In the past, Vusal developed a discrete-event simulation model of a radiation treatment planning at the London Regional Cancer Centre to improve wait times and staffing levels.

Prior to starting his doctoral program at the Telfer School of Management, Vusal worked as a Health Economist at Pivina Consulting Inc. in Toronto, Health Economics Associate at PATH Research Institute in Hamilton, under the supervision of Professor Ron Goree, and at Health Quality Ontario in Toronto. Throughout these roles in the private and public landscape, he developed various economic models for medical technologies and treatments considered for use in Canada and published various abstracts, papers and reports.

Vusal loves research, teaching and interacting with students and aspires to be a faculty member at a university in the near future. He loves hiking and spending his time with friends and family. He is married with no children.

Vusal holds the Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

Caroline Chamberland

Caroline ChamberlandCaroline is a PhD student in Management, in the Health Systems specialization. She holds a BScSoc. in International Development and Globalization, and an MSc in Health Systems from the University of Ottawa. She has also completed a number of internships, both domestically with Global Affairs Canada, and internationally. Through these experiences, she came to understand that if she was to pursue a career in international development, she wanted to build on her passion for maternal health and develop specialized skills and competencies in order to make a substantive contribution to the domain.

While completing her MSc in Health Systems at the Telfer School of Management, Caroline focused her attention on human resources for maternal health in contexts of development. Accordingly, her thesis research involved a case study of the obstacles and enablers to the professional development of skilled birth attendants providing perinatal care to migrants and refugees within a self-contained health system at the Thailand-Myanmar border.

Caroline completed her MSc research internship in the same region, developing of a longitudinal monitoring and evaluation system for an adolescent reproductive health education program using Outcome Mapping techniques.

Under the continued supervision of Professor Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Caroline will utilize the PhD in Management to further develop her research skills and enrich her understanding of the complexities of maternal health workforce sustainability in contexts of protracted displacement and fragility. Caroline has presented at the Canadian Association of Health Services and Policy Research Conference, the World Congress on Public Health, the Canadian Health Workforce Conference, and the Global Symposium for Health Systems Research, and will be presenting at the upcoming Triennial Congress of the International Confederation of Midwives.

Caroline holds the Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

Alexander Chung

Alexander ChungAlexander is a PhD candidate at the Telfer School of Management, in the Health Systems specialization. His research interests lie in applying analytics and management information systems methods to health-related issues, more specifically to the area of mobile health technologies.

He holds a Master’s degree in Systems Science with a specialization in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Ottawa, and an undergraduate degree in Biology from Carleton University. His master’s thesis focused on the formal definition, measurement, and simulation of coastal community preparedness for severe environmental events.

Following his Master’s degree, Alex worked as an independent management consultant and researcher while also teaching part-time at the Telfer School of Management. He has had the opportunity to work on topics that include: applying real-options analysis and financial modeling to the solar energy industry in Ontario and modeling how organizations use social media in order for them to anticipate problems that may arise later on. Alex also has an interest in fisheries management and has been involved in several projects with government and private industry on the management of Canadian fisheries and coastal areas.

Alex is a member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants’ Eastern Ontario Chapter Council where he is responsible for marketing and social media. During his free time, he enjoys travelling, playing volleyball, and riding and restoring his many bicycles.

Alex holds the Lilian and Swee Chua Goh Doctoral Scholarship, the first admission scholarship created by donors for PhD candidates at the Telfer School of Management. 

Boushra El Haj Hassan

El Haj Hassan BoushraBoushra is a PhD student in Management, in the Finance specialization.

Boushra holds a Master of Science in Management, from the University of Ottawa, which she completed in 2011, and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa, completed in 2008. Boushra graduated with highest honour - Summa Cum Laude, and her name was listed on the Dean’s Honour List for the 4-year program period. She received the Telfer Leadership Award (2008), and is also a recipient of the University of Ottawa Merit Scholarship, the University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship, and the Telfer School of Management Admission Scholarship. She is a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society, which comprises the top 15 percent of students at the University of Ottawa, and a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) Honours Society. The membership in BGS is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International.

Boushra has 10 years of experience in the public sector. Her professional profile includes a work term at Cognos incorporated as a Customer Support Technical Analyst, and assignments at the University of Ottawa as a Teacher Assistant for the ADM1500 (Introduction to Business Management) and ADM2702 (Business Decision Models) courses.

Boushra holds the SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship.


  • El-Hajj Hassan, B., Persaud, A., 2015. Technology Commercialization in Small- and Medium-size Enterprises: Analysis of the Canadian Biotechnology and Manufacturing Sectors, Journal of International Management Studies (JIMS), Vol. 15, Issue 1. (Best Research Publication in Journal Award - IABE-2015 Orlando Conference).
  • Persaud, A., El Haj Hassan, B., 2011. Innovation, Commercialization, and Business Strategy: A Review and Analysis of Canada's Performance, Proceedings, Academic Business World Conference, Nashville, TN, 13 Pages.

Andrea Ghazzawi

Andrea GhazzawiAndrea’s passion for the culinary arts is equally matched by her love of health care. 

Andrea is a PhD student in Management, in the Health Systems specialization. She completed a Master’s of Science in Health Systems at the University of Ottawa in 2012.  She was the recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, the Telfer School of Management Excellence Scholarship and the 2011 Star Award. Her masters’ thesis examined the family caregivers’ experiences navigating the stroke rehabilitation system, during the transition home from a rehabilitation facility, using the theories of continuity of care and complex adaptive systems.

Prior to commencing her doctoral studies, Andrea worked at Algonquin College as a part-time instructor and course developer for the School of Dental Hygiene where she instructed on inter-professional collaboration in the healthcare system. She also had the opportunity to travel aboard where she gained international healthcare experience. Further, Andrea has over three years work experience in health research, as a research manager and research assistant at the University of Ottawa, and as a summer student researcher at the Canadian Institute of Health Research. Andrea’s research interests include healthcare delivery, family caregiving, care transitions, information systems, design thinking, and innovation.

Andrea hopes to apply the skills and experiences gained in her doctoral studies to a career that will enable her to better the healthcare system through research.   

Nicolas Legendre

Nicolas LegendreNicolas is a PhD candidate at the Telfer School of Management, in the Finance specialization. He is currently studying the financing of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Canada. His MSc in Management thesis investigated the credit availability for SMEs during the recent financial crisis in 2007-2008 and found that loan approval rates did not decline during the crisis, potentially because of the stability of Canadian banks. This finding questions the Canadian government’s monetary injection of five billion dollars in 2009 in an attempt to isolate SMEs from the liquidity shock of the crisis. Nicolas’ PhD thesis will address this issue by evaluating the efficacy of Canada’s credit guarantee scheme, a government initiative to facilitate financing to SMEs. His research therefore holds important implications to policy makers while contributing to the research literature by further informing the on-going debate about interventions and the effectiveness of credit markets, potentially mobilizing Canadian research on an international level.

In 2010, Nicolas came to the Telfer School of Management as an undergraduate student in finance, and, after graduating in 2014, continued his studies at Telfer in the MSc program. During his six years at Telfer, Nicolas spent four of those years as a teaching assistant for the French statistics courses and has worked on several projects, such as helping build the French MBA program through live and online tutorials.

Other than his passion for teaching, Nicolas participates in various intramural activities at the University of Ottawa, including basketball, volleyball, badminton and squash.

Nicolas holds the Lilian and Swee Chua Goh Doctoral Scholarship, the first admission scholarship created by donors for PhD candidates at the Telfer School of Management. He also holds the SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship.

Marwa Soliman

Marwa is a PhD candidate at the Telfer School of Management, in the Accounting specialization. She received a bachelor of commerce degree with a major in accounting  in 2005 from Mansoura University in Egypt. Along with studying for a master’s degree at Mansoura University, she also worked as a teaching assistant and accounting instructor at different academic institutions, such as Misr Academy for Engineering and Technology, Mansoura University and Arab Open University.

She moved to the United States in 2012 to join the MSc program at the University of Memphis, where she also worked as a teaching assistant. Her master’s thesis was accepted for presentation at the 2015 International Accounting Section mid-year meeting at the American Accounting Association. She was also the recipient of an Egyptian Government Scholarship for Graduate Studies and Graduate Assistantship at the University of Memphis. 

Marwa also has extensive teaching experience. She taught various accounting courses including Principle of Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Principle of Cost Accounting. Marwa has been a Certified Management Accountant from the Institute of Management Accountants (in the United States) since 2012. Her research interests include corporate governance, earnings management and disclosure of financial statements. 

Marwa holds the Lilian and Swee Chua Goh Doctoral Scholarship, the first admission scholarship created by donors for PhD candidates at the Telfer School of Management.

Hong Qiu

Hong QiuHong is a PhD candidate at the Telfer School of Management, in the Entrepreneurship specialization. Her interests revolve around public sector innovation and how to apply traditional entrepreneurship research methods to understand the dynamics of innovation process in the public sector. She is also interested in learning how the government could adopt and apply innovative ideas from the outside and how the public and private sectors could best collaborate to build a better innovation ecosystem for Canada. 

Prior to joining our program, Hong held various analyst positions in the Government of Canada. Her initial position was with Employment and Skills Development Canada, where she conducted analysis of the economic well-being and labour market participation of vulnerable groups. She then became an analyst at the Canada School of Public Service, providing strategic analysis and helping to establish the School’s priorities and manage the curriculum. Her latest job was with Health Canada, where she worked on program evaluation and cost recovery implementation.

Hong is passionate about transforming the public sector’s ability to better meet the needs of citizens and society. She has been actively involved in the government-wide Blueprint 2020 initiative, which sought to engage all public servants on the development of a high-performing Public Service that embraces innovation, transformation and continuous renewal.

Hong holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Dalhousie University in Halifax, and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from Renmin University in China. Before immigrating to Canada, Hong worked as a human resources professional and a management consultant in China.

Hong holds the Lilian and Swee Chua Goh Doctoral Scholarship, the first admission scholarship created by donors for PhD candidates at the Telfer School of Management.

Adam Bleackley

Adan BleackleyAdam is a PhD student at the Telfer School of Management. He is studying in the Accounting and Control stream under the supervision of Tiemei Li. 
He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Telfer with a specialization in Accounting and an option in Finance. He completed his MSc at Telfer under the supervision of Walid ben Amar and Shujun Ding. His MSc thesis focuses on the effect of IFRS adoption on Canadian family firms. 

Adam has spent several years of his time at Telfer as a teaching assistant for various accounting and finance courses. Off campus, Adam spends free time biking and playing quidditch.



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Mariam Hussein

Mariam HusseinMariam is a PhD student at Telfer School of Management, specializing in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. She is working under the supervision of Professor Francois Chiocchio. Her current research interests are focused upon cultural variations with respect to the stigmas of certain visible and concealable characteristics.

Prior to joining the program, Mariam was working as a Research Associate with Assistant Professor Tarek A. El Badawy (College of Business, Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama, USA). Together, they successfully published several papers addressing topics relevant to the workplace. She currently receives assignments as a TA/Corrector at Telfer School.

Mariam received her Master’s degree in in 2014 from the German University in Cairo, Egypt. Her thesis addressed stereotypes, prejudices and discriminatory acts against carriers of HCV in the Egyptian workplace. She received her Bachelor degree from the German University in Cairo in 2011. She double-majored in Human Resource Management and Strategic Management. She worked as an Assistant Lecturer of Human Resource Management in the faculty of Management Technology (2011-2014). She was a recipient of the GUC Excellence Award twice.


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Afshin Kamyabniya

Afshin KamyabniyaAfshin Kamyabniya is currently pursuing his PhD studies in Management with a focus on Health Systems specialization under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Patrick. By joining the research team of Professor Patrick, Afshin wishes to focus on operations management and its applications in the context of healthcare operations research, logistics, and disaster relief operations.

Before arriving at the Telfer School of Management, Afshin graduated from Iran University of Science and Technology in the field of Industrial Engineering with honors and distinction. He obtained his BS in industrial safety engineering at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Upon completion of his master's studies in 2015, he was granted a research scholarship from the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of Iran to work as a researcher at Purdue University, Indiana, USA. At Purdue University, he worked with Professors Yuehwern Yih and Hua Cai, and published two research papers with them related to multi-organizational coordination modeling in the context of healthcare and disaster relief operations in prestigious journals. Also, he worked for 5 years in Iran in different capacities in the field of logistics and supply chain network design for the telecommunication industry and for disaster relief organizations.

Since Afshin’s arrival at Telfer, he was nominated and won the Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS) for four years. He is passionately devoted to his doctoral studies by exploring new areas of research and aims to progress steadily towards valuable contributions. During his free time, he loves hiking, playing football and volleyball, watching TV series, and spending time with family and his friends. Afshin also enjoys recording and narrating stories and poems, as well as music and singing.

Afshin Kamyabniya holds the Ontario Trillium Scholarship.

Yanhong Li

Yahong LiYanhong is a PhD student in Management under the supervision of Dr. Laurent Lapierre, in the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources specialization. Her research focuses on the work-family interface.  

She obtained her MSc in Management in 2017 and her Honours B.A. with specialization in Psychology and minor in Statistics in 2015 from the University of Ottawa. She is the recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the Lilian & Swee Chua Goh Doctoral Scholarship. Under the supervision of Dr. Laurent Lapierre, her master’s thesis focused on factors that contribute to individuals’ work-family enrichment using meta-analyses. During her master’s study, she also had the opportunity to work with Dr. Barbara Orser and Dr. Allan Riding on projects focusing on gender gaps in financial literacy and IT adoption among entrepreneurs. This research experience cultivated her passion for gender equality and equity as well as improving the position of women in society. Yanhong’s doctoral thesis will study the work-family experience among international business travellers through a gendered lens.

Yanhong was a teaching assistant for ADM2303 (Statistics for Management) and ADM2304 (Applications of Statistical Methods in Business) for the two years of her master’s study. She spends almost all her free time on fiber- or fabric-related crafts, feeding wild animals in her backyard, and training her cat using behavioural theories she learned from her Psychology degree.

Yanhong Li holds the Lilian and Swee Chua Goh Doctoral Scholarship, the first admission scholarship created by donors for PhD candidates at the Telfer School of Management. She also holds the Ontario Graduate Scholarship.


  • Lapierre, L. M., Li, Y., Kwan, H. K., Greenhaus, J. H., DiRenzo, M. S., & Shao, P. (in press). A meta-analysis of the antecedents of work-family enrichment. Journal of Organizational Behavior. DOI: 10.1002/job.2234

Elimira Mirbahaeddin

Elmira MirbahaeddinElmira is a first year PhD student in Health Systems Management. She obtained her previous degrees from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Allameh Tabataba'i University. She has a multi-disciplinary background of knowledge in the area of management as her bachelor’s degree set the ground for the knowledge of healthcare management with a dissertation about change management and health systems reform. Her master’s degree in urban management brought a wider perspective of the context for health of residences in urban settings and her thesis addressed inequity of children’s early development in Tehran. Ever since she passionately navigated in different areas of health services research and management science, especially project management professional as she believes all managers engage in some extent of project in their work span.

In her professional engagement with national research centers in Iran she had the experience of participating in research for health human resources projection plans and policies, dual practice studies of health professionals and other related topics. She ultimately focused her interest in health workforce research which led her to work under supervision of Professor Ivy Bourgeault at Telfer who has an international reputation for her research on health professions and health policy. Elmira is pursuing her studies with a passion for addressing potential research questions for an up-scaled system which health human resources can function coherently.

Mary Valdes

Mary ValdesMary Valdes is a PhD student in Management, in the Accounting specialization. Under the supervision of Professor Cheryl McWatters, she is interested in research into the accounting systems of small and medium-sized firms within the Chilean mining sector. This focus combines her interest in accounting and global production networks. Her doctoral studies are funded by the Chilean government through the Becas Chile Scholarship.

Mary is a public accountant who has completed a research-based MBA, a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Auditing and the University Teaching diploma at Universidad Católica del Norte de Chile, all with the highest honours, including receipt of the President's and the Ministry of Education Scholarships.  She also has undertaken postgraduate studies in tax auditing at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and a specialization in tax law at the Fundação Getulio Vargas.

Prior to entering the doctoral program, Mary worked for four years as an assistant professor at the Universidad Católica del Norte where she developed her professional expertise by teaching and supporting local entrepreneurs in tax and accounting issues through the University´s social programs and other regional institutions.  This role built on her strong and diverse career including high-level positions at CODELCO, the largest publicly-operated mine in Chile, as a tax auditor for the Chilean government and as a controller at ArcelorMittal.

When not busy with her studies, Mary enjoys traveling, dancing, exploring Ottawa with her two sons and spending time with friends. 

Mary Valdes holds the CONICYT (Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica).

Louise Villeneuve

Louise VilleneuveAfter enrolling into the MSc Management program at Telfer School of Management in 2016, Louise Villeneuve fast-tracked into the PhD program in 2017. She currently studies in the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management specialization, working under the supervision of Dr. Laurent Lapierre. Her research interests lie in the field of leadership and followership. She is particularly interested in the leader’s perspective on followers’ behaviours. 

Louise is a seasoned executive with diversified experience in operations and business development, in the telecommunications sector and in supply chain management outsourcing, including eleven years in executive roles at Bell Canada, Bell Intrigna Inc., and SCI Logistics Group Inc.. Since 2013, Louise serves as Returning Officer for the electoral district of Papineau, reporting to the Directeur Général des Élections du Québec for a 10-year mandate, being responsible for the delivery and control of provincial electoral events within the electoral district for which she was appointed.
During her career, Louise has developed a passion for understanding how people in organizations can advance organizational goals and flourish while doing so.  It is the same passion that inspires her research endeavours. 

She holds an International Master in Business Administration (IMBA) from the University of Ottawa, and an undergraduate degree in Economics from Université de Montréal. 

Louise is married and she is the proud mother of three wonderful adult children. 

Peyman Varshoei

Peyman VarshoeiPeyman Varshoei is a Management PhD candidate in Health Systems specialization, under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Patrick. He holds a Master’s degree in Socio-Economic Systems Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Iran.

During his undergrad and grad school years, he had the opportunity to gain a deep knowledge of systems analysis and simulation modeling. Conducting researches to help patient care in a couple of hospitals in his hometown has given him a practical systems analysis experience and a valuable insight into the components of a successful healthcare workflow, particularly in hospital emergency departments. He developed discrete-event simulation models using Arena simulation software to study how changes in patient arrival rates and resource capacities affect emergency department performance indicators. He also developed simulation-based optimization models to find an optimal configuration of emergency department’s staff and equipment.

After he finished his B.S. and M.S. programs, he started working in a dam construction project as a project manager for about 2 years. During his professional career as a project manager, he followed his data analytics passion and developed a computer model for real-time resource planning which was capable of estimating revenue and expenses in embankment dam projects. He also created management dashboards using VBA programming to control all parameters and variables online. Before starting his PhD program at Telfer School of Management, Peyman worked at an industrial and commercial lighting instrument manufacturing company as a Quality Engineer for almost 2 years, dealing with statistical calculations and developing Excel-based programs for quality control processes.

Under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Patrick, Peyman is working on home health care nurse scheduling and routing problem where he is utilizing his systems and simulation modeling knowledge and programming skills.

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