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Transfer Students

The University of Ottawa welcomes applications from qualified students from universities or colleges who wish to transfer to one of our undergraduate programs. Student’s files are evaluated on the basis of their secondary and post secondary studies.

Admitted students are given advanced standing for their course work if their performance and the course content have been judged to be appropriate for the program. It is the applicants' responsibility to provide all documents to allow for a complete evaluation of the courses taken elsewhere. Please note that no advanced standing will be granted for courses completed more than eight (8) years ago for Bachelor of Commerce students and six (6) years for Certificate students.

To obtain a degree from the University of Ottawa, a student must complete at least 50% of the units of their program at the University of Ottawa and must meet all of the specific requirements of their program of study. This condition limits the maximum number of units of advanced standing that can be awarded.

If you are an Ontario college student interested in transferring, you may wish to consult the Ontario College University Transfer Guide.

College Transfer Students

The Telfer School of Management is pleased to have implemented a specific set of advanced standing units to College transfer students depending on the diploma they have completed. This process is designed to streamline the admission process, provide a personalised course sequence to follow, and improve the student experience.

Students that transfer from college to the Telfer BCom that have completed a CAAT III (3 year diploma) in Business will benefit from a 2.5 year Honours Bachelor of Commerce program. A CAAT II (2 year diploma) in Business will lead to a 3 year Honours Bachelor of Commerce program. A CAAT III or II non-business diploma will lead to a 3.5 year Honours Bachelor of Commerce program:

Admission Requirements

Students looking to study in one of the Bachelor of Commerce programs at the Telfer School of Management are required to have taken the equivalent of high school English (or French) and Calculus.

Students seeking an undergraduate certificate from the Telfer School must have relevant work experience.

Click here for more information on Admission Requirements.

Renewable Admission Scholarship

Please verify all eligibility criteria for the Renewable Admission Scholarship for University Transfer Students.


If you are presently studying at another University or College and wish to apply to transfer and study full-time, you must do so using the Ontario Universities Applications Centre (OUAC) 105 form available from OUAC or the University of Ottawa.

Application deadlines for admission