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Combining a passion for applied mathematics and a motivation to improve the public transportation sector, new Telfer School of Management faculty, Professor Onur Ozturk, has developed a model to support Freight on Transit (FOT) using urban railways.

Professor Ozturk and his research collaborator, Telfer School Professor Jonathan Patrick, have published their findings in the prestigious European Journal of Operational Research.

FOT is an operational system that uses an existing public transit infrastructure to move goods within a city. A sustainable and clean way of transporting freight, the use of FOT on urban railways is in fact a rising trend in Europe. For instance, Paris has successfully implemented a system that allows the subway line to be shared between passenger trains and freight trains.

As FOT can reduce the number of heavy trucks that move goods in the city, the system has the potential to reduce pollution, traffic congestion, and even accidents. Considering the busy traffic of heavy trucks circulating everyday in the Ottawa downtown area, the development of a similar system for the future O’Train could make the Capital cleaner and safer.

We interviewed Professor Ozturk to find about more about how their research model can help solve these old problems. Read the full interview here.

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