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Getting to the bottom of financial disclosure issues in the not-for-profit sector

Professor Qiu Chen has just published research examining a key transparency issue in the nonprofit sector: to increase opportunities for donations, some managers misreport fundraising and/or administrative expenses as program expenses.  Read more ›

Study by Shantanu Dutta Delves into the Media’s Influence on Deal Outcomes

While the media are considered to play an influential role in business, very little research has been done on the relationship between firm-specific media coverage and corporate decision making. The Telfer School’s Shantanu Dutta is helping to change that with a new study on how business reporting shapes firms’ merger and acquisition decisions.  Read more ›

Recent publications and scholarly contributions of note at the Telfer School

Telfer School of Management faculty have produced a number of studies in influential journals over the past few months. Here are some of them, along with other notable recognitions and contributions.  Read more ›

Questions for... Michael Parent

Michael Parent is a Full Professor of Marketing at the Telfer School. He was previously a Full Professor of Marketing and Management Information Systems at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Before that, he was an Assistant Professor at the Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University.  Read more ›

Family: Not necessarily a factor in women entrepreneurs’ business growth intentions

"Family-related issues" – sometimes said to be more meaningful to women entrepreneurs than to their male counterparts – might not be all that consequential to their business growth intentions . According to Professor Laurent Lapierre and M.Sc. in Management student Ruoxi Xia, what seems more relevant is whether or not people important in women entrepreneurs’ lives, whether they happen to be family members or not, want them to grow their business.  Read more ›

The Power of Feminine Capital

To help kick-off Global Entrepreneurship Week, on Monday, November 16, 2015, the Telfer School of Management and uOttawa E-Hub hosted a book launch and panel discussion about strategies to grow female-owned enterprises. Drawing on over four decades of research, Dr. Barbara Orser and Dr. Catherine Elliott’s work Feminine Capital ‘Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs (Stanford University Press, 2015) offers new insights into the ways that gender can influence entrepreneurial decision-making.  Read more ›

Gilles Reinhardt, new professor in business analytics

Gilles Reinhardt has joined the Telfer School of Management this year in the Business Analytics Section. Professor Reinhardt researches how business analytics and operations management can contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. He will draw on his academic and professional experience to explore how delivery processes can be designed or improved to best serve industry, providers and beneficiaries alike.  Read more ›

David Crick joins Telfer as the Paul Desmarais Professor of International Entrepreneurship

The Telfer School welcomes David Crick as a full professor in entrepreneurship. Professor Crick has more than twenty years’ experience in research, consultancy and teaching in the U.K. and New Zealand where he also held full professorial roles. His current research focuses on start-up firms with limited resources and an evolving lean business model, of which internationalization processes and the support requirements of entrepreneurs are a core aspect.  Read more ›

Samir Saadi has been awarded the Telfer Young Researcher of the Year Award

Each year the Telfer School of Management has the pleasure to nominate one of its professors for the Telfer Young Researcher of the Year Award.  This award is given to a faculty member who has made exceptional contributions to research.   Read more ›

Downturn puts study on loan guarantee schemes in the spotlight

Market uncertainty has given added urgency to professor Miwako Nitani’s research on the efficacy of credit guarantee schemes in Canada.  Read more ›

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