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François Chiocchio

François Chiocchio is involved in two international projects that have recently received financing. In the first, titled “Reduce maternal and neonatal mortality across a region, an integrated approach to the management of pregnancy and childbirth,” his role will be to study interprofessional collaboration in a change management context. The principal investigators are Marie-Hélène Chomienne, University of Ottawa (as well as Jean Charles Moreau and  Samba Corr Sarr).  Read more ›

M&As Test the Leadership Boundaries

Professor Samia Chreim’s latest research investigates the leadership configurations that are possible following a merger. Her study, which has just been published in the journal Human Relations, adds to our understanding of transition during mergers and acquisitions (M&As) even as it questions “shared leadership.”  Read more ›

Bijan Raahemi

Professor Bijan Raahemi leads a data analysis project in collaboration with SensorSuite using a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). A post-doctoral fellow and two Ph.D students are working with Dr. Raahemi in the Knowledge Discovery and Data mining (KDD) research laboratory at the Telfer School.  Read more ›

Ivy Lynn Bourgeault

Professor Ivy Bourgeault will lead development of a tool to help to analyze the literature and data of health worker migration using a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The work is expected to yield greater insights on how sex and gender impact the international migration of health workers and the effects on population health and health systems. A gathering of researchers in sex/gender analysis and health worker migration will develop a tool for use in research planning in this area.   Read more ›

Cheryl McWatters

Cheryl S. McWatters will present a paper at the annual conference of the Association pour l’Histoire du Management et des Organisations (AHMO) in Lille, France March 18 – 20, 2015.  Read more ›

Cheryl McWatters

Father Edgar Thivierge Chair in Business History at the University of Ottawa, Professor Cheryl S. McWatters is a Full Professor at the Telfer School of Management (cross appointment with the Department of History, Faculty of Arts. Dr. McWatters has a new course in the history of commerce, offered jointly with the Department of History as well as two new book projects in the fields of management accounting and commerce history. She also recently completed a Visiting Professorship in Australia. Highlights of the Thivierge Chair:  Read more ›

Barbara Orser

Published by Stanford University Press, Telfer faculty members Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott have teamed up to write a book about the power of women’s enterprise, Feminine Capital. Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs.  Read more ›

On February 10, 2015, members of the Telfer Health Transformation Exchange (THTEX) took part in a panel discussion at the Telfer School of Management. “Transforming Healthcare: Realities and Opportunities, A Clinical Perspective” featured Dr. James W.T. Chan, Dr. Michael Fung-Kee-Fung, and Dr. Mark Walker, all from the Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine. Approximately 30 students from the Master of Science in Health Systems and Master of Health Administration graduate programs and other interested participants were in attendance.  Read more ›

François-Éric Racicot

François-Éric Racicot has published a group of studies on measurement errors in financial models of returns. Errors in measurement have been linked to significant losses in the financial sector, prompting the need to re-examine the factors used in asset pricing models. Other trends like the rise of shadow banking have also lent urgency to the discussion.  Read more ›

Three professors at Telfer recently published a paper titled:  Performance Management in Canadian Public Organizations: Findings of a Multi-Case Study in the International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management. This large scale empirical study on performance management practices in five public organizations has not been previously done in the Canadian context. The study was carried out by Professors Swee C. Goh, Catherine Elliott and Greg Richards.  Read more ›

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