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Wojtek Michalowski

Research by Wojtek Michalowski demonstrates the potential for using advanced decision-support tools for managing patients with multiple illnesses. It comes at a time of great discussion in the healthcare field around the themes of technology-assisted decision-making and use of disease-specific guidelines in complex patient cases.  Read more ›

Ivy Lynn Bourgeault

Professor Ivy Lynn Bourgeault of the Telfer School will be a Visiting Scholar at the University of Sydney Business School over the next three weeks. On November 6, she delivers the keynote address at the Global Health Migration Symposium organized by the Managing Global Migration Research Group, University of Sydney. Her presentation is titled, “Contrasting ‘Source’ and ‘Destination’ Country Perspectives on the Migration of Health Workers.”  On November 11, professor Bourgeault will present her recent research on the optimization of scopes of practice in healthcare at University of Newcastle in New South Wales. She is the keynote speaker at the “Symposium on Collaborations in Healthcare” sponsored by Newcastle Business School.  Read more ›

The Telfer School’s “research café” held last week was a terrific success! This annual event brought together students in Telfer School graduate programs and joint Telfer-Engineering and Computer Science graduate programs. The participants had the opportunity to discuss their research through presentations and networking with academic colleagues and participants from industry and the public sector. Many of these students had won awards for excellence in the uOttawa’s engineering graduate poster competition, held in April 2014.  Read more ›

Greg Richards

Executive in Residence George Langill, Professor Greg Richards and graduate student Katherine Bock will produce a systematic review of studies of public-private partnerships as part of a consulting project with the federal Crown Corporation PPP Canada.  Read more ›

David Doloreux

Professor David Doloreux will research the diffusion of digital technology across the economy as part of a multi-institutional research partnership, “Creating Digital Opportunity: Canada's ICT Industry In Global Perspective,” to be led by the University of Toronto. With support provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the University of Toronto, the Canadian International Council, and other partner universities, firms and organizations, the project commitment totals $5.1 million.  Read more ›

Sandra Schillo

A workshop hosted by the Telfer School September 24 -25 brought together experts from Canadian research institutions and the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) in Karlsruhe, Germany. It was organized by Professor Sandra Schillo, Telfer School, and Rainer Frietsch, Fraunhofer ISI. Participants delved into questions related to R&D efficiency, measurement of public research, scientific impact, and innovation policy, building on an earlier Telfer-Fraunhofer workshop that was hosted by the Canadian Embassy in Berlin in November 2013.  Read more ›

Greg Richards

A recently published study by Gregory Richards, Telfer School of Management, and Linda Duxbury, Carleton University demonstrates the pivotal role of middle managers as knowledge facilitators in public sector organizations. In particular, the research speaks to the importance of middle managers in enabling the use of knowledge by work teams, the impact of knowledge applicability and the role of common knowledge in teams.  Read more ›

Jane O'Reilly

Professor Jane O’Reilly will research third parties’ reactions to sexual harassment in the workplace. Past studies on sexual harassment in organizations have understandably focused on the role of perpetrators, victims and the management, with the role third parties receiving comparatively much less attention. However, because victims of sexual harassment do not use the formal organizational channels in place to address and prevent their mistreatment, research that can provide a better understanding of why some third parties help when they witness or learn about sexual harassment has the potential to make an important contribution to the literature.  Read more ›

Magda Donia

Magda Donia of the Telfer School and Thomas O’Neill of the University of Calgary investigate how virtual work teams can enhance their task performance by integrating peer feedback. Their project, “Peer Feedback in Virtual Teams,” received a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.  Read more ›

Samir Saadi

Professors Samir Saadi, William Rentz and Shantanu Dutta of the Telfer School of Management participated in the 26th annual Northern Finance Association Conference [This link is no longer available], held September 12-14 in Ottawa. Professor Rentz chaired the conference session on equity valuation. Profesor Dutta and colleagues, among them professor Saadi, presented a paper examining the “governance role” of negative media coverage in the M&A decision making process. Saadi was also part of a team that presented research in the area of corporate payout policy.   Read more ›

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