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Course Selection

The timetable divided into September and January sessions, indicates the courses that will be offered for each semester.
The classroom location, the names of the professors and any modifications will be available in mid-August. It is essential that you verify this timetable before the start of classes. You can find the timetable at:

Search for available courses by entering the course code (ex : ADM1300) or by selecting Advanced search.

Classes always end 10 minutes earlier than the published time. This allows you to arrive on time for your next class.
All Business courses are offered three hours per week in one of the following formats:

-Two "one hour and a half" periods per week; or
-One "three-hour" period per week.

Many undergraduate courses such as ADM 1300 or ADM 1301 have discussion groups (DGD) or labs which you must choose according to your schedule. The lab or discussion groups are compulsory in your program.
*Please note that business attire is mandatory when professors request students to make formal business presentations as part of their lectures. Therefore, don't forget to pack at least one business suit.

Course Sections
Most courses of the Telfer School of Management are offered in multiple sections. Each section has its own time slot and professor. In the Timetable, the section is represented by the letter next to the course code, such as A, B, C, etc.

For example:
ADM 2343 A is offered Monday for 11:30 to 13:00 and Thursday from13:00 to 14:30.
ADM 2343 E is offered Wednesday from 19:00 to 22:00.

If you select a course with a section, you must clearly indicate it on your registration form in the appropriate space and attend that specific section throughout the semester


Definition of the Course Codes and Symbols

Each course is composed of alphabetical and numerical codes.
The alphabetical codes indicate the topic of the course.
(ADM 1300 = Administration or Business).

The first digit of the numerical codes indicates the level of the course.
(ADM 1300 = level 1000 = 1st year) (Undergraduate)
(ADM 2341 = level 2000 = 2nd year)
(ADM 3350 = level 3000 = 3rd year)
(ADM 4312 = level 4000 = 4th year)

(ADM 5320 = level 5000 = 1st year) (Graduate)
(ADM 6320 = level 6000 = 2nd year)

The second digit indicates the languages in which the course is given.
1, 2, 3, 4 courses given in English
5, 6, 7, 8 courses given in French
0, 9 courses given in either French or English.