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Certificate in Complex Project & Procurement Leadership


Government and industry leaders that are responsible for delivering large scale projects and procurement programs are facing ever-increasing challenges associated with the complexity and dynamic nature of these initiatives.  The Telfer School of Management Certificate in Complex Project & Procurement Leadership (CPPL) is designed to assist participants to lead projects and programs successfully from project identification through to successful completion. Participants in the program will learn to evaluate key elements of the contextual environment for their projects, address the breadth and diversity of the stakeholders in their project, and develop their business acumen that is critical to the achievement of their project’s objectives.

Program Format

The Certificate in Complex Project & Procurement Leadership comprises seven (7) separate in-class modules, plus a capstone module. Each module is two (2) or three (3) days in length of in-class learning and will be supplemented with readings, and exercises.

Participants that complete a minimum of six (6) of eight (8) modules, which includes Modules 1, 2, and 8, will be eligible to receive the Telfer Certificate in Complex Project & Procurement Leadership.  Participants will be able to complete the Certificate over a multi-year time-frame, up to a maximum of three (3) years.  The modules may also be completed on a stand-alone basis, provided space is available in the selected module.

Participants that have completed prior learning programs through Telfer Executive Programs that are equivalent to the content of any of the modules will be able to apply for an exemption. Other similar prior learning will be assessed for exemption on a case by case basis.

Who Should Attend

The certificate program is designed for:

  • program and project managers
  • procurement managers
  • supply chain managers
  • military project directors
  • portfolio managers
  • key advisors in both government and industry organizations

Typical candidates sponsored for the program are from:

  • large IT and IS management organizations
  • procurement management functions
  • major crown projects
  • equipment and fleet management organizations
  • infrastructure development initiatives

This program is relevant for Canadian public sector employees and for the employees of industry suppliers and partners that work with public sector departments and agencies.  

How to Register

Modules 1 through 7 may be completed over a multi-year time frame if required, up to a maximum of three (3) years.  The modules may also be completed on a stand-alone basis, provided space is available. To register for a module on a stand-alone basis, please visit that module's separate webpage by clicking on the link in the module title, listed below.

Two separate 2018-2019 cohorts are being offered and a 10% reduction of program fees applies for participants who will be completing the Certificate in a 2018-2019 cohort by registering for a minimum of six (6) modules including Modules 1, 2 & 8. Participants must complete modules within the same cohort in order to maintain continuity for group work. 

Priority registration is given to participants completing the Certificate in Complex Project & Procurement Leadership in a 2018-2019 Cohort. Registration for individual modules will open in the Fall of 2018 after registration for those completing the Certificate in Complex Project & Procurement Leadership in a 2018-2019 cohort has closed.

Register Cohort
Module Cohort 7 Dates Cohort 8 Dates

Government & Industry
Processes & Stakeholder Engagement

Oct. 15-16, 2018 Oct. 17-18, 2018
Systems Thinking &
Complex Project Management
Nov. 5-7, 2018 Nov. 13-15, 2018

Project Initiation

Dec. 3-5, 2018 Dec. 10-12, 2018
Relationship Contracting Management Jan. 7-8, 2019 Jan. 14-15, 2019
Business Acumen for Project Leaders Feb. 4-6, 2019 Feb. 11-13, 2019

Advanced Negotiations & Problem Solving

Mar. 25-27, 2019

Apr. 1-3, 2019

Principles & Practices of Cost
Estimating for Project Leaders
May 9-10, 2019 May 15-16, 2019
Integration Capstone Jun. 3-4, 2019 Jun. 10-11, 2019


Please fill out our online registration form.

The registration deadline for the 2018/2019 cohorts is Friday, September 7th, 2018.

Register for Cohort 7      Register for Cohort 8

Please note that registration to complete the full Certificate Program in 2017/2018 has now closed, however registration for the individual Modules remains open. To register for a module on a stand-alone basis, please visit that module's separate webpage by clicking on the link in the module title, listed below. 

Payment & Cancellation Policy
Our payment & cancellation policy can be found HERE.

Participants from the Department of National Defence: Please note that four (4) of the modules (Systems Thinking & Complex Project Management, Business Acumen, Relational Contracting Management, and Advanced Negotiations & Problem Solving) are designed to contribute to the Department of National Defence Project Manager Program Qualification. 

Overview of Program Modules

Government & Industry Processes & Stakeholder Engagement

This module provides an overview of Canadian federal machinery of government, the approval processes for major investment government decision making, and the roles of key gatekeepers and decision makers as applied to complex projects and procurements.  It discusses the roles of Cabinet and the Privy Council Office, the Treasury Board Secretariat and Public Services and Procurement Canada. 

Cost: $1,600 + HST

Project Initiation

This module provides an overview of considerations in statement of requirement design, options analysis processes to identify and analyse strategic acquisition strategies, stakeholder engagement and the procurement options to deliver the most viable option.  It also provides an overview of sustainment considerations and the importance of whole life cycle cost analysis early in project planning.   

Cost: $2,400 + HST

Systems Thinking & Complex Project Management

This module examines contemporary systems thinking theories and techniques and their application to complex problem solving, and how the broad environmental affects decisions about the management of complex projects.

Cost: $2,400 + HST

Relationship Contracting Management

This module provides strategies to build stakeholder relationships by positioning them at the heart of complex business arrangements in order to build a culture of collaboration, joint management, and trust.

Cost: $1,600 + HST

Business Acumen for Project Leaders

This module will provide project leaders with an improved understanding of the context in which companies operate including corporate governance, business strategies, corporate finances, corporate ethics, business development and sales, and the risk analysis in project gating.

Cost: $2,400 + HST

Advanced Negotiations & Problem Solving

This module will provide an overview of essential negotiation and problem solving skills for leaders to effectively deal with multi-party decision making and conflict in all aspects of complex project management.

Cost: $2,400 + HST

Cost Estimating for Project Leaders

This module will help project leaders become knowledgeable consumers of cost estimates and cost-benefit analyses and gain an understanding of the role that risk and uncertainty plays within these analyses.  Monte Carlo simulations will be introduced and practised using the Crystal Ball application.

Cost: $1,600 + HST

Integration Capstone

The final module of the program will tie together the foundational elements of the preceding modules. Participants will practice the application of the core concepts learned in preceding modules through a large and complex simulation exercise.

Cost: $1,600 + HST

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